4th of April is Christ's passover, why not celebrate always on that date?

Nissan 15, the customary day for Passover, would have fallen on Saturday the 4th of April in 33 AD. So why not celebrate the Passover always on that day?

Because it’s a Saturday.

Because 33 A.D. is a best estimate

Because the theology regarding the Sabbath and the Lord’s day only makes since if Easter is celebrated on Sunday.

Do Christians celebrate Passover?

He’s referring to Easter and the surrounding dates.

Wasn’t there also a solar eclipse over Jerusalem in that year on the day at 3 pm when Christ was said to have been crucified? I’m pretty sure this is something that computer programs have pinpointed.

the passover feast is celebrated on the “Full Moon of the month of Nissan” and due to the way our earth and moon revolve around the sun means it is NOT a fixed date.
Not even the jews of Jesus days celebrated passover on a fixed date for the reason stated above.

No, there could not have been a solar eclipse, “as the moon is always in the completely opposite position in the sky during the full moon phase, which is what Passover always falls on”.

Yet, although the moon could not have been responsible for covering the sun, there is no doubt that this event took place, because it is mentioned in non-Christian sources.

There seem, however, to have been a partial lunar eclipse which caused the moon to look red specifically on that night.

The Catholic Church has over the centuries put a lot of effort to calculate the correct astronomical date for Passover. Some church buildings actually had functional astronomical observatories built into their structures and window designs.

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