5,000-year-old "nativity scene" reportedly found in Egypt


5,000-year-old “nativity scene” reportedly found in Egypt:


Weird that they found it in 2005, but only now announcing it.


It might resemble the nativity, but if it’s 3,000 years before the Incarnation, it’s not a “nativity scene.” :rolleyes:


The “star” looks like the sun to me
The “baby” is standing and looks like a child, not a baby.

Just looks like a painting of a family to me.


Year after year, these stories that are supposed to undermine the faith of Christians always appear right before a major Christian holiday. What a coincidence. Isn’t it a bit strange they don’t ever do that to another religion? I wonder why so many people in the West are tired of the traditional big names in news.:shrug:


you are right always around Christmas time or Easter there’s always someone or something trying to undermine Christianity. I am so glad my faith is not based on what’s in the news


Things like this simply show that people like to take a grain of salt and build a sandcastle.


They had families 5000 years ago??? Astounding!!! :eek:


This definitely proves Christianity is false!

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