5 Favourite Scriptures for Children

What are your five favourite scriptures for children? :slight_smile:

The birth of Jesus–Finding of Jesus teaching in the Temple at the age of 12.-- Jesus curing the blind man.–Jesus calling the little children unto. Himself -.The last supper…Each one is special and there are so many more but these are the ones if I remember correctly, we told our children when they could understand and when they were getting ready for their First Communion.:butterfly::butterfly:

Those are also among my favorites. My children enjoyed hearing about Jonah

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I also went to the Old Testament for their stories, but my one daughter had a hard time grasping them. So I let the Sisters take care of explaining them in a little more detail. However we always read bible stories after Mass on Sundays and they favor the ones with Jesus :::smile: in them and to be honest so do I.Have a Blessed Christmas and God Bless you and yours :butterfly::butterfly:.

Genesis 19
Daniel 3
Revelation 9
Mark 13
The entire book of Job :wink:

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