5 Great things Biden has already done

Great article:

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Shouldn’t you have campaigned before the voting or at least wait to see who is going end up as president of your republic?


This is so laughable.

This paragraph from the article: His campaign has run ads on Christian radio and reached out aggressively to evangelical leaders. If he can allay their cultural fears (by making it clear he will not shut down Christian charitable groups) and win them over with working-class economic policies, he can create a long-term governing majority.

He will NEVER win evangelicals over as long as he refuses to stand up to the Democratic Party platform that calls abortion part of “women’s health.” I was born and raised Evangelical Protestant, and I still have a great deal of love and respect for this group–and a lot more friends who are Evangelical Protestants than Catholic. They will NOT fall for someone who speaks peace but carries a sword that kills innocent human beings.

The comments about focusing the campaign on COVID are also so idiotic. He has never outlined an actual plan that is any different than what Pres. Trump has already done, other than mandating mask-wearing and social distancing–and who’s gonna enforce this? No one. People in Illinois are already in outright rebellion against J.B. (our precious governor, or as he probably thinks of himself, Our Father Knows Best)–I drove by one of my favorite restaurants this evening and it had quite a crowd dining-in, and no cops or “enforcers”. So is Joseph Biden going to create jobs by creating a “Mask Enforcement Super Squad (MESS)” that will collar people with their masks under their noses and haul them off to “COVID jail?” Lotsa luck in our city–the jail is currently full of shooters.



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I agree, some Republicans are choicers too but it is really the rule in the Democrat party, those who voted for Biden, vote to enable abortion. Really are aids to the act itself.


From the article:

Never in my life have I seen a candidate so confidently avoid wedge issues.

Well, I feel much better now, knowing he won’t push greater government control over healthcare, won’t try to confiscate civilian firearms like AR-15s, won’t try to repeal the Hyde amendment, eliminate fracking, or force homes and businesses to change their energy source.
Oh, and not raise taxes on the American people and businesses.

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ALL I can say is that we had BETTER not see any more protests, or hear any more rhetoric about “the President dividing the country”.

Joseph Biden has claimed that he will heal the divisions in the United States. I am tempted to fill up the rest of this post with the laughing emojis until I go over the word limit.

But it’s really no laughing matter. If Jospeh Biden really thinks that he is capable (or that Sen Harris, who will be the President in January 2022) is capable, of healing an almost 50/50 split between the life viewpoints of Americans–he is totally insane and should be pulled NOW from taking that oath of office.


Obama made the same claim. Clinton was okay at bi-partisan action, Bush a little less, but the last two have been terrible at leading any bipartisan action. They only lead those loyal to them.

I think Biden has a chance, if he truly intends to be one term and does not hold himself too beholden to the DNC. For him to unite the country, he will have to alienate a lot of liberal Democrats.

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Brooks is doing paid PR for Biden, not journalism.

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