5 Hard-Hitting Facts Proving Donald Trump Has Become Just Like Hillary Clinton

the donald has become hillary lite

As I’ve said before, birds of a feather flock together. The Clintons were friends with Trump for a reason: they agreed on many things.

Not the least of which was their mutual hatred for Obama.


Finally! Someone has seen it!! Donald and Bill golfing and Hillary attending Trumps wedding… Even their debates seemed like two friends forced to debate :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Notice, Hillary always referred to him as Donald, not Mr. Trump. Oh, they’re quite the elitist buddies…


Out of Likes :heart:

That’s quite alright. There’s nothing to like about the situation anyway.

It’s why I wouldn’t vote for either one. I voted third party rather than sully my conscience with supporting either excretable candidate.

What a world.

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It’s a pretty lame article, fake news really.

He’s actually made progress in stopping ISIS, the main precursor before we can leave.
He didn’t pardon banks, that not how it works.
He’s doing fine with Russia, and it’s Congress that’s pushing hardest to penalize them.
He did back out of TPP and said he would only reconsider TPP if it was a much better deal, that’s in line with his campaign promises.


This is retconning.

How so, he did back out of TPP, which was his campaign promise

We are gonna keep trading with Asia, so there will be ongoing/new negotiations.
Nobody is against negotiating a better deal than what TPP previously represented.

Fact 6…they both wear badly tailored suits.
Fact 7…they both appear to use the same hair-dresser.

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It would be funny if it was on Twitter’s ship filled with birds.

I’m delighted Trump attacked Syria jointly with France and the UK, it sends the right message.


it hasn’t been fully investigated, why would syria do it when we were ready to pull out?

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Will you be so delighted if it’s found, that as with Iraq, evidence to support a conclusion contrary to the narrative presented by mass media?

President Trump does not want war with Russia, or at least that is what he has maintained. That he has struck Syria, despite repeated warnings from Moscow, makes me suspect he has been successfully pressured. Or, he is hoping (foolishly) for a distraction from his domestic woes.

So you think we should just bow to pressure from Russia, and ignore the repeated use of Chemical weapons?

I don’t care if it was Trump’s idea or he bowed to pressure, it was the right response.

trump calls mass media fake news, why does he believe them now?

How do you know the right response when we don’t have all the facts?

I don’t trust Russia. But I trust our media, and our government even less.

It is foolish to continue the same endless military aggression in the Middle East, with no eye towards even recent history.

I don’t think it’s accidental that the eschatology of multiple major faiths foresees the final, bloody end of humanity in the same region.

I hope President Trump will not give the war mongerers what they want, and gets us out of Syria as promised.

I don’t think he does believe them. He’s not so stupid.

It’s not really my job to have ‘all the facts’ before POTUS takes a response.

I have faith they had sufficient facts, I think this is supported by France and the UK participating.

And let us not forget the Russians poisoned that former spy in the UK with Novichok…

I don’t think so. He has signed very harsh sanctions against Russia. He has shut down Russian embassies in the US. US Russian relations are lower than they have been for quite some time.
After saying he was going to remove troops from Syria, he goes and bombs a scientific research plant in Syria which according to the news reports had nothing to do with manufacturing chemical weapons.

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