5 kinds of people converting to Catholicism in US today



Thank you for this. It is truly good news.



Yes I must say I wasn’t aware of the social media converts phenomenon.


Do people think the article describes what’s happening in real life?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe/not sure/depends

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May the new converts increase the vigor of the Church in this mostly faithless age :pray:


The cynical side of me wants to ask the follow up question- how many are leaving?


i don’t think it’s cynical. it’s no secret people are leaving the Church. That’s talked about all the time.
What’s not so much talked about is people entering the Church. It’s interesting to know why they enter.


Would be great if people can share any real stories of people they know who converted?


I was wondering the same. I know at least three converts that ended up leaving the Church shortly after.


Do you know anyone who converted to Catholicism?


I converted. So did many other people on CAF. I know a lot of people in “real-life” who did, too. It would make a long list if I were to write them all down.


Several of us recent converts are here on the forum.


Do you know anyone in real life? Coz I don’t.


I would say all the people that converted with me that day at the Vigil would be real life. I didn’t convert in a vacuum. I’m confused. And myself - I’m as real as you are.

Is there a specific question you’ve got regarding us? (That’s not smart, for the record - I can see where it sounds like it, but I promise you it’s an honest question.)


I guess my point is it would be interesting to talk to these people in person.


I’m a wee bit offended, LOL. :slight_smile: I’m here, I’m in person, and I think folks know I’m pretty up front.

You can legit ask me anything. (I get it’s not the same.)


Sorry I didn’t mean to offend. But I would have so many questions that it’s impractical to ask here that’s all.


I was actually joking when I said that, hence the smiling face. I’m sorry if you didn’t catch that.

You can PM me if you want sometimes. If I can answer, I will. No big deal.


Oops! Thanks.

Can you answer one question then?

Which of the 5 types mentioned in the article are you?


Let me reread…BRB.

In reality - more the intellectual but not entirely.

I was raised with a Catholic dad, so I sort of have always had Catholicism hanging in the background. I’ve had a rough go of things over the last several years, and was finding myself led back to church (I was United Methodist). I found a UMC in disarray and about to split yet again, and I didn’t like it. And having been raised around the Baptist faith (my mom), I wasn’t onboard with that either. My husband is Anglican but I don’t agree with the US Episcopalians on a lot of things. I went to a Presbyterian women’s college and that wasn’t hitting it either. And then I remembered going to Mass with my dad as a kid, and I started reading, and digging, and watching RCIA videos from Our Lady of Good Counsel on YouTube. And I read even more - and it all just sort of made sense.

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