5 Soldiers’ Deaths in Afghanistan Mark Australia’s Worst Toll Yet

Five Australian soldiers were killed in southern Afghanistan within hours of one another on Wednesday and Thursday, three of them at the hands of a turncoat Afghan soldier, making it the deadliest period in a decade of fighting here for one of the United States’ staunchest allies.

Two were killed when their transport helicopter crashed. Others were injured as well in the tragedy. The cause of the crash is unknown.

The other three deaths are more ominous.

Three other soldiers were killed on Wednesday night when an Afghan soldier turned his gun on them in Oruzgan Province, the latest in a rash of insider attacks on coalition forces that have left 45 dead this year at the hands of the Afghan security forces or other Afghans working with them.

The attack happened at a fuel depot when a member of the Afghan National Army shot the Australians and then fled the base, coalition officials said. The international force command said that the motive was unclear and that it was investigating.


Australia has the largest troop presence of any non-NATO country. Last year, eleven soldiers were killed in Afghanistan.

We need to get out. The best thing to do is to pray they convert to Christianity. Our civilization is completely, irreconcilably incompatible with Afghan culture. There was a very interesting survey/study about military fratricide in Afghanistan done by a military behavioral scientist that can be read here:


Our cultural differences are so deep they will never be bridged. They Afghans complain that our soldiers are rude, disrepectful, and profane. Our soldiers complain that the Afghans are always stoned on heroin, constantly having homosexual sex with each other, sex with animals, beat and abuse their women and children, filthy and stink to high heaven, and torture dogs. The two sides can’t stand the sight of each other. We need to get the blankety-blank out of there, wall off our country and don’t let them in!

As Peter Green said, all those years ago, " Don’t ask me what I think of you, I might not give you the answer you want me to!" :whistle:

I am so sorry for your loss.

I am a proud Army Auntie. My soldier is (right now) on his way home from leave. He has done two tours of combat duty in Kandahar Province in Afghanistan and recently reenlisted. He wants to go Special Forces.

My younger nephew is discerning where he wants to serve - Army or US Marines.

Every soldier or Marine death feels like a personal blow. I wish war would stop. I am, however, humbly grateful for their service and I hope you know that when I pray for our troops I pray for them all - US and our Allies.

Again, thank you for sending your men and women to stand with my soldier.

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