5 themes Mormons can watch for in this weekend’s LDS General Conference

It’s that time of year again! General Conference. Here are five things to look out for tomorrow and Sunday.

  1. The appointment of three new apostles
  2. Attention to women’s issues, sexuality, and the family.
  3. A renewed emphasis on keeping the Sabbath.
  4. Possible guidance on the personal use of technology at Church.
  5. Greater attention to “religious freedom.”


Thus far, other than the 3 new members of the 12, the rest hasn’t happened, and 3 sessions are already done. Only 2 left

Glad you are watching and keeping us informed. Thanks.

Not watching.
Just skimming the summeries. Easy Peasy. :smiley:

Summeries of this AM is the same.
Predictions were way off.

“Easy Peasy” Haven’t heard that in a long time:D

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