5 Voter Fraud Facts That Could Determine the Midterm Elections | Breitbart


This is what I am worried about.

I have seen booths set outside Sam’s Club
to register voters and was approached in the parking lot of a retail store to ask if I was registered to vote. When these signatures are then taken to the elections offices - are they verified? I was already
registered. I asked if they have to show any ID to register or proof of address.


Was in a Spanish grocery store and people were there signing up shoppers.


Irony. It’s definitely a thing.


If you’re concerned, find out how your state handles voter registrations. In my state, when you send in your registration, they do check to be sure you’re eligible to vote.


The California procedure is “interesting”. You walk in. They ask your name. (No ID required). They look up your name. If they find it, they ask you your address. If you give the right address, they give you a ballot.

I am halfway considering fulfilling the civic duty of my neighborhood. All I have to do is remember who lives where.

Walk in, give a name, give an address, fill out a ballot. Walk out. Walk back in, give another name,give the corresponding address, fill out a ballot, walk out. Repeat for the whole neighborhood.

Should be able to have our precinct at 100% turnout.


So what? People who buy “Spanish” (or whatever you mean by Spanish - I seriously doubt that there are significant numbers of people from Spain here trying to enroll to vote) groceries are pretty likely to be American citizens and eligible voters. Where I live, there are about a zillion bodegas, and about a zillion Spanish-speaking US citizens (along with citizens from all around the world, who speak languages I’ve never even heard of).


Wow, that article hits all the standard bogeymen, doesn’t it? Illegal aliens demanding the right to vote, the ridiculous citation of multi-state registrations (hey, people move, you know?), and, of course. . .

George Soros

Scary! :fearful:


It is scary. When I was a teenager, getting my driver’s license was a privilege and a rite of passage at 16. Ths same can be said for the first time I was able to vote.
Voting in elections is for citizens. It is a privilege for those who are eligible to vote.
Voting should be reserved for citizens and
We need to protect our voting procedures from fraud.


We do, of course. But voting fraud happens when votes are counted, not when they’re cast. Obviously it’s much more efficient. Anyone wanting to steal an election isn’t going to waste time and money busing in several thousand illegal aliens with fake or no ID to cast illicit votes. Even George Soros wouldn’t throw that much money away trying to rig an election.

Despite President Trump’s claim that millions of votes were cast for Hillary Clinton illegally, there is no evidence of voter fraud on that scale.

Even his own commission, which was trying very hard to find such evidence, didn’t find any.

There’s another thread in World News that you might find interesting:


And be ready to serve 5 years in prison for each fraudulent vote.

I understand the furor over imaginary voter fraud isn’t based in reality, but believing that large scale voter fraud is actually a problem is absurd.


Hey, this is California. 120% of legally registered voters in LA County voted.


You should try harder, you’re not even getting the conspiracy theory correct.


Prove it…


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