$50,000 demanded to not abort baby


This is a sick website (morally, no bad images).

A couple demands donations not to have an abortion.





It’s quite possible they’re sincere – not trying to extort money but really thinking what they do is the right thing.

…I’m not sure I wouldn’t prefer the extortion theory. This is horrible. :frowning:

Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of the living God, please intercede for this child and the parents. Ask your Son to have mercy on them. :signofcross:


How disgusting. They can’t bring themselves to give the child up and give it the gift of life and parents, but they can kill it?

I would never give these people money. They are so morally bankrupt there is no saving them. And plus, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out this is a scam to play on pro-lifers and get money out of them.


Thats disgsting.

I wonder if it is even real.


I feel morally obliged to donate something if there is even a chance at saving this poor child. But then I am worried about what if my money goes towards something evil. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.:frowning:


It is possible thats what they want. If you read their question and answer area it says they would donate all the money if they get 50,000, at the same time they are saying they need the money to raise the baby. That doesn’t seem right. It also seems stupid that they would think that they could hide something from their kid eventually they will find out. Plus, if a prolife group found out about how they raised the moeny would it be right to accept it? Plus how is somone against an abortion, but will do it unless they get a certain amount of money in a certain amount of time. That sounds a bit odd to me.

edit: I messed up a bit they want to donate money to the prolife group if they get the abortion.

and They aren’t prolife, but claim to not want the abortion and want to raise a child. Which is odd at least to me, if someone wants to raise a child, don’t abort him/her. There isn’t a child in the world wanted or not that should be aborted. They all deserve a chance to live.


Without them going through a major agency or offering some type of contract, I would never give a penny.

It’s probably a complete scam and besides that it doesn’t cost anything to have a baby. They can find a prolife doctor who will deliver for free and plenty of agencies that will donate food and money.


I think it is a scam as well.

If not, I’ll offer prayers, not money for the baby and for their decision… If it was not a scam and they got the money (the full or not the full ammount) wouldn’t there be others to follow in making such sickly silly self-centered absurd requests!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

:gopray2: :gopray2: :crossrc: :crossrc: :signofcross:


This is the company that hosts the website and they’re a little scary…company


complete scam.

no conscience. no morals, no scruples.
really, are any of us suprised that human life has been reduced to this by a predominately Godless society??


Couldn’t have said it better myself.


Annonoumous couple? Interesting. It sort of makes me wonder if there is a baby. I heard of this being done a few years back. I never followed thorugh on the claim to know if it was true and if so what ever came of that case. Everything about the appeal makes it easy for them to collect and bail out. There is no way I can say this is a scam, but I am very suspicious of it.


I wouldn’t give them anything. Looking at the site, the question that immediately jumped out at me was: Where’s the deadline? They give a generic “three months” deadline, but three months from when? Just as with junk email, whenever no concrete date is given, you can almost guarantee that it is a hoax/scam. They could keep the site up for years with the same info.

In a way, I feel better about it being a scam. At least some poor baby’s life isn’t really on the line.


It sure sounds like a hoax, perhaps not just for the money, but also for the argument it gives to the pro-aborts. Like: see, all those pro-lifers just talk, but when it takes their money to save a baby, they do nothing.


Believe me, it is no argument… :nope: what is she saying actually?! She wants the ransom money or else she kills the “hostage” she has… In the news and movies that is not called usually an argument :blush:

There are thousand of people in that would like to adopt… she doesn’t have to raise him… but NOT KILL the child


I KNOW it’s not an argument. Neither are “it’s just a cluster of cells”, “life begins at viability”, or “it’s my body”, but they are all used as arguments…:frowning:


it’s really sad, yes :frowning:


There’s a countdown in the top left corner, below the money amount. I guess that’s kinda like a date.


Confirmed: the $50,000 demand is a scam.

I recieve a weekly update from this site (snopes). The check into these claims. some are true, some mixed, some down righ false. This one on the 50-thousand dollar extortion is apparently some person(s) idea of a joke just to see folks get riled up.

I recieved the confirmation today.

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