50 million Africans face hunger after crops fail again



**Up to 50 million people in Africa will need food by Christmas as a crisis across the continent triggered by El Niño worsens, the UN and major international charities have warned.

A second year of deep drought in much of southern and eastern Africa has ravaged crops, disrupted water supplies and driven up food prices, leaving 31 million people needing food now, and 20 million more likely to run out this year.

A further 10 million people in Ethiopia, six million in southern Sudan and five million in Yemen were in danger of starvation after floods and drought, said the UN.**

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Let’s hope our nation steps in to help.

Dearest Lord Jesus, please guide us in a way to effectively help the African nations facing this crisis.


I may as well add that I strongly suspect the United States could literally change the rainfall in Africa, if it had an interest in doing so.



I think they could too. Cloud Seeding is a real technology which helps to induce rain.


If this country could control the weather, don’t you think we’d have seen evidence of that in California years ago, or as outside assistance with the fires in Alberta?

It is easy to blame the hardships of the poor on behavior or neglect by the nonpoor, however, the truth is that nature is not per se kind, it is not our friend, and sometimes it bites us.



This is, needless to say, not good. I will pray for the people of Africa.


I don’t disagree, and I also wasn’t blaming the US; I was just speculating. All I know is, there’s some extremely bizarre experimentation going on in my own backyard, and it’s a known fact that the United States has been secretly developing and using geo-engineering since World War Two, at least. Back then our government had a program that developed a tsunami bomb that was designed to annihilate the coast of Japan, and which would evidently appear totally natural. We also weaponized weather control in the Vietnam conflict, and used it against the Viet Cong, so it isn’t really unthinkable that the technology has advanced significantly since then. It’s not really known, but there are indications that the Third World is where these weather modification experiments are tested and carried out. I mean, I was just putting the idea out there. And again, considering the electromagnetic weapons training that people here in the Pacific Northwest have been hearing about, nothing along these lines seems particularly far-fetched to me anymore.:shrug:


50 million Africans face hunger after crops fail again

It almost reminds one of the old Soviet Union where the collective farms suffered bad weather almost every single year for 70 years. What a coincidence!


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