50 Shades of Gray - Non-Catholic Christian response

That’s all really. I’m just wondering what a non-Catholic Christian thinks of these books. Morally disgusting, potentially dangerous to a soul or harmless fun?


It started life as a fanfiction of an already cliche and poorly written series. I’ve read pieces of it (a friend’s mom had it and we held a dramatic reading of it one night :stuck_out_tongue: ). That said, it’s just an erotic novel that will create unrealistic expectations.

As a side note, I hear people in the BDSM community hate it since it is a perfect example of how one of those relationships should NOT be.

I ahve never read it, personally I would take a leaf out of the inquisitions book and burn these kinds of garbage. Now, aside the fact that from what I hear its morally dangerous, it also has NO SUBSTANCE. Its little wonder why people are so simple-minded today (and not in a good way). When you fill your head with this garbage this is what you get. A mediocre and simpleton society that does anything for base pleasure and gratification, reading these books makes one degraded to an animal. Thanks darwin, we truly are indeed animals. You are what you read. Reading this for pleasure makes one simple and shallow, without a point. We have removed CHRIST THE KING from HIS THRONE, we in the process have dehumanized ourselves, for it is in CHRIST that we have our meaning as human beings.

Here’s an atheist’s* perspective: I don’t get what all the fuss is about. It’s an erotic fanfic that just happened to be picked up by a publisher. Who cares? If you don’t like it don’t read it. Personally it sounds like some sort of weird, over the top 14 year old girl’s fantasy to me, so I will choose not to read it. If I wanted an erotic novel I would reread ‘Lady Chatterly’s Lover’. That was a good, well written book with substance.

*I only speak for one atheist, and that’s me.

Oh dear. I’m in trouble then :shrug:

I have a very eclectic taste in literature.

And it includes a healthy selection of trashy novels, erotic fiction, call it what you will. They sit snuggled between 16th Century English Poets, Forensic Psychology, Farming and Baking books to name but a few. :shrug:

I’ve not read the book, so I’ve no comment to make on it.

But I’m happy for the author. She’s became a millionaire overnight. :cool:

As for your book burnings :eek:

I’m just glad I live in a free society.

And I’ve the method and means to escape from where I am to another free society, should my collection of books be threatened, or the thought police come knocking on my door :thumbsup:

Sarah x :slight_smile:

But don’t you realise that its corrupting? If not to you, I’m certain many young girls will pick this filth up and have their delicate purity destroyed in the flower of their youth? but thats all what satan wants anyway “na, its just a book, na, its just a movie, it cant hurt you”- Im certain that you wouldnt have said that about Ted Bundy, who became a killer after his fix on porn wasnt enough. I’m not trying to be a though police and restrict all of you “open minded” folks, but would you rather that the young people, my generation, your future leaders be perverts in every sense of the word? If thats the case, let me mail you my congratulations, you have most certianly succeded for the majority. Walk down my high school, its a testimony of the devils handiwork, a handiwork of this “free” society

(P.s, Freedom isn’t licensce, think about that)

No, I don’t think that this book is forever going to destroy a teen girl or turn anyone in to a serial killer. (And the phrase ‘delicate purity’ is a little creepy). We all have the freedom to choose what we want to read. If you think this will harm your purity and you don’t want it to, don’t buy it.

I’d rather have leaders who were not succeptable to being perverts because they once read a trashy novel :shrug:

Sarah x :slight_smile:

I haven’t read it, and probably won’t. Someone gave it to me, and after randomly reading one page, I knew it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t the sexual component that I found troubling, it was the control. Anything that suggests women should be submissive to men is something I regard with a high degree of suspicion.

I would participate in a book burning NOT because of content but because it’s so horribly written (judging by the excerpts I’ve seen around the internet). :blush: I’m pro-literature!!! and anti-horrible writing.

Dear mymamamary,

Cordial greetings and a very good day. Hear, hear, jolly well said. My sentiments entirely.

Methinks, dear friend, that contemporary authors take a perverse delight in pushing the envelope as regards salacious and morally offensive content, which is hardly surprising given that the vast majority of them are not informed by a Christian world-view. This repugnant and culturally unhealthy literary material is a scourge upon the present age and is responsible for engendering the ‘simpleton society’ of which you speak with its so called ‘nerd humour’. Truly, our plight is very desperate indeed and it seems that we are plummeting ever deeper into the cesspit of filth and degradation. Sadly, many modern Catholics have become less discerning as to their reading and viewing material, believing that they can assimilate that which is cultually unhealthly without being adversely affected by it.

We should, dear friend, be under no illusions, reading inferior and culturally unwholsome literature or watching films/TV programmes containing profanities and indecent content will, at length, deaden men’s moral sensitivity to sin and vice. Only in a spiritually bankrupt age such as our own could novels like this 50 Shades of Gray become widely popular among the reading public. There is a lowered public opinion today that urgently needs to be raised and that will only come as a consequence of men coming to the light and embracing the holy religion of Christ. However, if they do not take that blessed path then let them at least read the great literary works of the past, which reinforce the moral virtues and appeal to that which is noble in man. That surely is the antidote to this torrent of depraved literature that is befouling the souls of so many people in our times and corsening manners generally. As St. Paul said: “Be not deceived. Bad company ruins good morals” (I Cor. 15: 33) - and by extention, bad literature, bad films, bad music and video games. All of these poison the mind and demoralize the life and if proof were needed of this, simply look at Western society today.

God bless and thankyou for your input, dear friend.

Warmest good wishes,



I think it is not only morally disgusting but just plain disgusting period. I haven’t read it but I know people who have who have told me about it. I think it is just as bad as watching a porno. It is a book that goes into a lot of detail about sex. The reader is basically reading a porno and that is wrong. The reader, especially the married reader, is indeed committing adultery.

One man’s horrible writing, is another man’s Robert Herrick :smiley:

Sarah x :slight_smile:

I flipped through the first novel in Barnes & Noble when I heard that the ladies on The View had asked President Obama if he knew what it was. Frankly as erotica I thought it was rather clumsily done, and Gray is just a jerk. I believe there is erotica that a devoted follower of Jesus can read in good conscience (starting with the ‘Song of Songs’), but this wasn’t that.

“An ounce of love is worth a pound of knowledge”

– John Wesley

How, how little confidence you have in people. Do you really think people are so stupid with minds of jello that they will get corrupt and immoral from reading books like this? I seriously doubt it. If one is going to do that, they will do it anyway. And delicate purity? Devil’s handiwork? Anymore drama?

I am soooooooooooo glad I live in a free society.


The thing that most amuses me about people’s perceptions about this book (you know, the ones who haven’t actually read it) is that they incorrectly assume the male lead was ‘in control’, when in fact, it was the female lead that was in control. The whole time. From the beginning of the first book to the end of the third book. For those of you who even made it through the first one, that fact was blatantly obvious at the end of the first book.

Very well put mymamamary.


Sarah x :slight_smile:

Well, I’d loudly decry the book as a salacious community-destroying abomination. Then I’d go home and Google all of the naughty bits. Haha, I’d probably be disappointed at how tame the book really is compared to what I expected after all of my strident rhetoric against it.

Did I just admit that? Shame on me!

Which makes it a story of a healthy relationship?

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