50 Shades of Grey

I just wanted to warn folks about this book. I heard about it on the news this morning and the newscasters seemed to take it lightly as a joke or some type of romance novel after reading a review and looking up the plot it about a young female college graduate and the young rich guy she’s enamored of who’s into abuse and bondage as well as other sadistic activities.



Apparently it inspired this Forbes article: “Will Fifty Shades Of Grey Make ‘Mommy Porn’ The Next Big Thing?

Asdfgh… What is this I don’t even.


A friend described it as “Gone with the Wind, but done as porn.”

Eh. Not my cup of tea.

I just heard about it today and wanted to ask the opinion of Catholic women about the book. Cos on TV, married women were saying some crazy things about it. They or the journalist mentioned mommy porn. That I did not understand.

There was an SNL Amazon commercial (skit) on the book.
For adults only, but funny

It isn’t just this book, the whole romance genre has been ratcheted up from what we used to call “bodice-rippers” to near-porn or outright porn.

I suspect Kindles & the like have played a role. Anonymous download, no cover, no one knows what you’re reading.

My first ‘introduction’ to it was this past Saturday. I finally sat down to relax, turned on the idiot box and SNL was just starting. So I saw that faux commercial tarboy mentioned.

So I googled to see what it was and read the synopsis about it.

I didn’t read it, but given everything I have read about it, I wouldn’t call it mommy porn. Maybe messed up mommy porn. It’s not just ramped up romance novels - it’s erotica taken in a specific direction.

In a mommy group I am in, we branched off and started a book club. This was their first pick. I haven’t read more than te first chapter or well the sample
Of it. That alone was enough for me to know it wasn’t for me. I couldn’t imagine reading it. But it’s been a daily conversation in the “book club” for the past three weeks. I’ll be happy once they have their meeting for this one and it’s over. From what they have said an what I have heard of it elsewhere, yeah, porn.

It’s just – everywhere though. And for some based on fan fiction …

I dunno.

Bless you for sitting this one out, mom2em! :thumbsup:

The sample, which has nothing in it, other than some person going for an interview, was enough to turn me away. Just on the writing alone. I’m happy to have sit out on it too. Though a few of the other moms think I should give it a shot. :rolleyes: I know there has been another lady or two who I believe has started the book but decided it wasn’t for them either. Too … “disgusting.”

I think the next book is the Hunger Games.

Proof that pornography is not exclusively a male thing.

Of course porn isn’t just for men! Women aren’t men, so things like “Playgirl” magazine didn’t do much for most women. But porn based on words, stories, etc.? YOU BET! :frowning: When I found my father’s Playboy magazines, of course the pictures of naked women did nothing for me. But the stories…fantasies…etc. got in and never left.


Sadly, the myth that porn is exclusively for men tends to persist.
And yes, the Twilight series is pornography mixed with tons of relativism.

I have read the books but there is no porn in the movies.

I couldn’t read the Twilight books, which appearently 50 shades is a fanfic of. I found the writing bad in Twilight but then I only read a few pages of te first book. I think I’ve s een most of the movies. I don’t see anything in them that warrants the craze there has or had been about them. But that’s me.

Oh man… The writing in Twilight isn’t just bad as far as professional writing goes, it’s bad even for an amateur level.


More of these Twilight gems can be found here: reasoningwithvampires.tumblr.com/

It is stuff like the second one that KILL me!! :eek::rolleyes:

Oops, “I haven’t

I was talking about the books, not the movies! The Twilight series is soft-core porn, just like 50 Shades of Grey.

I’m embarrassed to have these books in my house - my wife bought them and has read them twice. Let me say up front that I haven’t read them; a quick skim-through was enough to see what it was about. I don’t need to drink the whole bottle of poison to know that it’s not healthy.

It’s amazing that so many people discuss how great these books are without any apparent that they’re sitting around talking about porn. Is there no shame? I can assure you that if I sat around reading magazines with photographic depictions of what’s in these 50 Shades novels, my wife would not be happy.

What bothers me most about the books is that the main character not only loses her virginity to someone out of wedlock (that’s so common nowadays that I don’t even think I’d notice), but that she gives it away to a psychopathic, controlling abuser who feels the need to agree to a sexual contract. Modern American society has already crushed the idea of virgin until marriage; these books kick what’s left of it while it’s down.

In my mind, the only sexual contract I need is the one I made at the altar - my wife and nobody else until death parts us.


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