501 Days of Trump & Co. Stealing America Blind

On the day he took the oath of office, Donald Trump delivered two messages about what to expect from his administration. First came the lofty promise of his inaugural address. “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer,” he vowed. “For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished — but the people did not share in its wealth.”

The second message, which Trump delivered without speaking a word, was aimed at a much smaller, but very rich, audience. As the new president’s motorcade left the Capitol, rolling past knots of supporters and protesters, it suddenly stopped three blocks short of the White House. Trump, the First Lady, and the rest of his family got out of their limos and took a three-minute turn in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue.

This was no random spot. The very first place Trump headed after being sworn in — his true destination all along, in a sense — was the Old Post Office and Clock Tower, which only 12 days before the election had been repurposed as the Trump International Hotel Washington. The elegant granite structure, whose architectural character Trump had promised to preserve, was now besmirched by a gaudy, faux-gold sign bearing his name. The carefully choreographed stop sent a clear signal to the foreign governments, lobbyists, and corporate interests keen on currying favor in Washington: The rewards of government would now be reaped by a single man — and the people would bear the cost.


But the biggest complication of Trump’s presidency — and the one he works hardest to keep secret — is the way his entire business operation is mired in massive debt. Rather than being independently wealthy, public records show, Trump and the business partnerships in which he is a leading investor owe big banks and foreign governments at least $2.3 billion — far more than his disclosure reports indicate. His largest single loan — for nearly $1 billion — is from a syndicate assembled by Goldman Sachs that includes the state-owned Bank of China. If either Trump or Jared Kushner, who tried to shake down Qatar’s finance minister for a loan, winds up needing to negotiate new terms on his ballooning debt, America could find itself being dictated to by a foreign government — all because the White House, thanks to Trump’s business model, has become a true House of Cards.

What follows is 501 days of official corruption, from small-time graft and brazen influence peddling to full-blown raids on the federal Treasury. Given how little Trump has disclosed about his finances, this timeline of self-dealing is undoubtedly only a fraction of the corruption that will eventually come to light. But as even this initial glimpse makes clear, Trump isn’t draining the swamp — he’s monetizing it.


What do you expect from a Vladimir Putin Sympathizer?


Aint that the truth.

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Trump has done the unforgiveable from the Dems’ point of view. He appointed a prolife Justice. He let the Little Sisters off the hook when Obama forced them to be complicit in supplying abortifacients, and reinstated the Mexico City Policy. For that, the Dems will never forgive him, and will continue to slander him like this.


What exactly in the OP is slander?

Begins with “On” and ends with “it”.

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It seems that for some Trump supporters, if you criticize him, it is slander, it is hatred and all kinds of other vile sins. They never seem to be able to back up what they claim. It seems that the commandment on false witness does not apply to them.


So nothing really specific that can be pinpointed. I am good with that. Thanks for pointing it out.

If you think that’s slander wait until you get to the actual corruption list!

In other words, you have no basis for your accusation of slander.


Well, now that’s it April 3, the thread title should change to “503 days of trump…”

Just sayin

There never seems to be any basis for the accusations of some Trump supporters. You ask them to back up their claims and somehow they become silent.

Why did Americans vote for him?


Do you really want my answer?

The Obama administration lobbed a shot across the bow of the Catholic church two years into his presidency.
It was called the HHS contraceptive mandate–every employer, regardless of their religious affiliation was required to pay for contraception for their employers.
Not only does this violate the first amendment, but it was a pretty clear power-grab.

Well, anyway, the majority of my family’s income is from a Catholic institution.
That means that for six years we lived under significant anxiety about what the future of that institution would mean, whether there would be that source of income. What would we do for money and how would we support our kids.
If they closed down the place, a lot of good people would have lost their jobs…

So no, I’m not sorry DJT was elected. I won’t apologize for not having that anxiety anymore.

HRC supporters don’t seem to care.
But this is my story and (besides the abortion issue) why I will never apologize for the way I voted.


Your big mistake is to presume that if someone criticizes Donald, then they must be a Hillary supporter. Of course the big question is what is the relevance of Hillary now? She is not running for anything.

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There were other Republican candidates in the primaries. Americans chose DJT over all the other Republican candidates.

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I don’t care and I’m not sorry.

Good riddance


A lot of people like Trump. I can’t figure out his position on Russia. He has been very harsh in his sanctions against Russia, but I thought he was supposed to be the one who was going to support more friendly relations with Russia.

The way I see it, Theresa May woke Trump up about Russia. He has no choice but to impose sanctions now.

Putin looks like he’s eating Trump’s lunch on the nuclear “threats” though.

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