51 year old man marries 16 year old girl

May-December romances aren’t unusual. But when the bride can’t yet vote and the groom is eligible to join AARP? That’s extreme, even for Hollywood.

“Green Mile” and “Lost” actor Doug Hutchison, 51, revealed on Monday that he wed aspiring country singer Courtney Alexis Stodden, 16, in May.

“We’re aware that our vast age difference is extremely controversial,” the couple told E! News in a statement released by their spokesperson. “But we’re very much in love and want to get the message out there that true love can be ageless.”

Stodden’s mother gave parental consent so the two could wed in Las Vegas…

source: abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/doug-hutchison-51-weds-courtney-alexis-stodden-16/story?id=13893244

Not that unusual once upon a time. My maternal grandmother Rosa was a Spanish orphan who was brought up in Ireland by nuns. She acted as the housekeeper to my maternal grandfather who was widowed at the time and had two small children. He was 48 and she 23 when they married. My aunt Nancy who died last year was married at 17 to a 45 year old gentleman and went on to have 9 children during the course of 65 years of marriage to him. It’s an unusally large gap in today’s society but quite large age gaps were the norm at points int the past.

He lived to be 110?

He lived to 110? Maybe he was a bit younger?

No she lived to be 82. That was poorly worded. He lived to 92. So it might have been better and more accurate to say she was married to him for 47 years. Shows why you should’t type while eating your dinner. Many of the women in my father and mother’s families married much older men. It also wasn’t unsual to have quite big age gaps in marriages in the Ireland of the time. Michael Collins who is an Irishman people may have heard of here was born to a mother who was 23 when she married his father who was then 60. There were particular societal reasons why there were a number of these marriages such as men waiting to inherit family farms and be independent and so forth that delayed marriage for men.

If they love each other its great they got married. :smiley:

Just think about the holy family, Joseph was considerably older than Mary. This was a social norm back then though…:shrug:

I know it’s not 35 years, but my husband is 13 years younger than I. It works for us, and we figure with the statistics showing men dying 5 years sooner than women, we may just make it to the end of our lives together. :slight_smile:


True, I mean… wasn’t Mary a teenager when she conceived Christ?

Um, okay. I’ll be the dissenting opinion. This sounds vile to me. Social norm or not back then, (That’s called progress, everyone) wrong is still wrong. This is very creepy. I’m 20 years younger than this guy, and I don’t date anyone over the age of 25. If anyone I know my age dated a 16 year old, I’d cal the police and they’d be put in handcuffs.

Where is Chris Hansen when you need him?

I’m reading a book, JEWISH WISDOM. Here are two quotes on the subject:

"A father is forbidden to marry off his daughter while she is a minor. He must wait until she is grown up and says, “I want so-and-so.” Babylonian Talmud Kiddushin 41a

"One who marries his daughter to an old man, or takes a wife for his young son…concerning him, the Torah teaches…“the Lord will not pardon him.”
Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 76a, basin itself on Deuteronomy 29:19

The mother in question has no business giving her permission. The girl should wait until she is 18. And the 51 yr. old actor is selfish. There is a 35 year difference in the ages.


If you try to have sex with a minor (In my state, and I’m sure in many others, a 16 year old is a minor) you may go to prison. And you should.

This is truly creepy.

you missed the part where the mother gave consent
you want to talk creepy I think that is where to start

Oh, I agree with you PuzzleAnnie. This WHOLE THING is disturbing. Deeply so.

They got married which makes them better than most Americans.

Oh, I agree with you PuzzleAnnie. This WHOLE THING is disturbing. Deeply so.

Oh good. I’m not the only one who immediately thought that. Did no one else click on the link and watch the video? That didn’t exactly look like a match made out of “love.”… Maybe for the love of money…:rolleyes:

If the local law permits it, and the 2 people are okay with it, how is it anybody else’s business?

That’s the problem with modern day Christendom. Too much judgement of each other and not enough working off of our own Purgatory!


The only thing more disturbing then this is that some people don’t seem to realize how freaky this is.

I agree, this is creepy. It’s not just the age difference, but the young age of the bride compouding it. If she was 21 and he was 56 it would still be strange but not as bad.

In general I’m a fan of the rule of dividing your age by half then adding seven to come to the minimum youngest a potential partner should be. Thus if he was 51 he shouldn’t be marrying anyone under the age of about 32. Obviously this isn’t a matter of natural law but the formula seems to work out pretty well.

Actually the problem is the legalisation and forced tolerance of sin.

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