51 year old man marries 16 year old girl

Unique point. Since someone gives me consent to beat them bloody, I guess it’s no one elses business that I do… So what that his family, children, wife, job, and the rest of society suffers? With consent, it’s all legal, so it must be moral.

The fact that the girl is a minor is what makes this creepy, at least to me. A 35 year age difference is of questionable taste and wisdom, assuming both are adults. But there is no way a 16 year old should be doing this.

OK, where is a large age difference in marriage proclaimed to be a sin? Particularly since it probably was the case for Saint Joseph and the BVM?

OK, most Americans think that couples should always be people of the same age, preferably both young. But alternative patterns are not a matter of sin.

The Babylonian Talmud is not a moral code except in Judaism.


That’s a rather poor analogy. I don’t think it’s the wisest choice as marriages go and the age gap may cause problems as a 16 year old and 51 year old generally have very different experiences and expectations of life among other issues. But comparing it to someone been beaten bloody is I think flawed.

Ultimately like every marriage it is common and at the same time unique unto itself and may fail next week or last for many years.

As others have noted, it’s not just the age difference; it’s the age of the bride. It may have been more common in the past, but nowadays most 16-year-olds are not mature enough to understand what they are getting themselves into. If someone is, say, 25 and wants to marry an 80-year-old, go for it. At least at 25 they are mature enough to know what they are getting into, unlike the 16-year-old.

It strikes me as odd as well. I understand the whole thing about age differences being much greater in the past and obviously at some point those relationships worked or perhaps many of us wouldn’t be around if they hadn’t. However, it’s also undeniable that in modern, especially American culture these types of relationships are frowned upon and considered taboo. This can’t really be denied and if the mother hadn’t signed consent for the daughter to marry this man could’ve been prosecuted in most, if not all American jurisdictions I’m aware of, if the relationship had turned physical.


I wasn’t talking about the marriage, my friend. I was mentioning how a poster said “if it’s legal, and they consent, it should be fine.”

Yes I’d say that’s a more reasonable point than just the age difference issue. Our youngsters today and all of us here unless we are fairly old or not the ‘norm’ tend to have extended adolescences that would have been considered odd even a relatively short time ago historically. At age 12 my father was digging potatoes out of frozen field at 4am in the morning to help support his family. At age 16 he joined the army underage to carry on doing so. Nor is he in any way particularly unique among the generation of rural boys of his age group. The idea of the ‘teenager’ did not exist in manner we’d recognise and a 16 year might well be as mature in many respects many people in their mid-20s are now in western Europe and the USA.

I vomited a little bit in the back of my throat after reading this. It’s even more disturbing given the fact he has so much power over her singing career.


what do you mean ?

How old was she when they started dating ?

So, how did the two get involved? The fact that Stodden is signed to Hutchison’s production company, Dark Water, might have something to do with it. A former beauty pageant queen (she competed for the title of Miss Teen Washington USA last year), Hutchinson is trying to make it as a country music crooner.

The law also allows abortions.

Point is that even in ancient times, the Jews wrote on what was objectionable which would mean that Joseph may have been older than 14 yr. old Mary but not an old man 35 years her senior. Joseph had to be young enough to be able to work (which he did) and to protect her and Jesus.
What exactly do you think would be of interest to a 51 yr. old man wanting to marry a 16 year old girl? Sex? Certainly isn’t looking for conversation. And she and her Mom? $$?

But unlike with abortion, there is NO Church teaching or scripture requiring couples to be the same age.

Thinking that marriage has to be 2 people in the same stage of life is a valid opinion. But that’s all it is, an opinion. NOT a matter of sin.

In abortion, the 2 people involved would NOT agree on it, if the 2nd person had a voice to protest. The 2 issues are apples and pebbles.


Must rule out several of my family members then who I pointed out had equally large age gaps between the two partners. I agree in this case money and making a career in the music industry may well be more motivating factors but that’s by no means always true.

you win the award for charitable response, I salute you:tiphat:

The dad (who is younger!):


“Every father can only pray to have such a man behind their daughter,” her father Alex Stodden, 47, told RadarOnline.com exclusively on Monday. “Courtney is one of the most level-headed girls out there and I’m not just saying that because she’s my daughter. [And] Doug is the nicest man I’ve ever met in my life.”

I like your approach. It’s not exactly the Catechism, or the Bible, but it’s authoritative. Now, where does it say who is a minor, and when do they reach the age of majority? In our Lord’s time, it was 13, wasn’t it? I mean, Mary was 13 when she conceived by the Holy Spirit.

In my diocese, we have a priest that married a 16 year old, when he was 28. I can name names. The circumstances were somewhat unsavory to my palette.

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