52 Beads Rosary


Can anyone tell me the purpose of 52 Beads Rosary (only 7 Hail Mary’s vs 10)? Will this replace the regular 59 beads? Thanx in advance.


This might be a Servite Rosary. I am guessing that its seven decades of seven beads each. You meditate on each one of Our Lady’s Seven Sorrows.


Now that calls for an obligatory Princess Bride reference . . .



I guess it is not truly a decade if there are only seven beads.


Meh, not all “novenas” are nine days (weeks/months/whatevers) either


Novena means nine so it gets confusing and it is technically wrong.


You are right. I just checked and it’s called the Seven Sorrows of Mary rosary. So this devotion can be added in conjuction to the rosary?


You can pray it whenever you want.


Something that I have learned through research is that there are 150 Angelic Salutations which would represent the 150 Psalms, hence the Rosary is also known as Mary’s Psalter. And then when adding the three beads in the beginning makes 153 which is connected to the miracle that Christ performed with the fish. Outside of that, I never looked any further.


To me it is similar to ‘Kleenex’ meaning any tissue, ‘Hoover’ any vacuum cleaner or ‘Xerox’ any photocopier. ‘Novena’ is any prayer repeated over a set number of days/weeks/months - might be the three-day Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Five First Saturdays or the nine day Divine Mercy Novena.


I didn’t know what a hoover or xerox was prior to this conversation. I probably get to technical on things.


I try to make a special point to pray this chaplet on Friday.


Pray the Seven Sorrows Rosary as a novena leading to Our Lady of Sorrows, Sept. 15. It is a wonderful devotion.


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