52 kids....WHAT?


I followed a link that was provided by a Muslim here and came ac crossed this…


What are these people thinking? How can a family that size be a normal happy family? How can this be ok in all logical sense?
How can one person take care of these kids? No wonder children turn to fundamental Islam, they dont get attention at home…:eek:


Well he’s not allowed to do that, I mean “revolve” his wives that’s just making a total mockery of God’s law, and that man knows it.

That being said. Even with the very large families Muslims usually have, the most children I’ve ever known one man to have is 14 (two wives). So I’d take this story as being a 1 in a million case if I were you.


So divorce is illegal in Islam?


Large numbers of kids are usual in muslim families, when I was in Dubai I read in the papers of a man with several wives trying to reach his goal of 100 children, he already had about 60…




No divorce isn’t illegal in Islam, but what is illegal is to marry someone with the intention of later divorcing them.


Sharing a father with that many would be just the same as having no father at all.


Imagine naming all the kids :smiley: and then forgetting their names:p


This is false, insofar as a sector of Islam; Shi’a (research Mu’ta)

Secondly, where is the evidence that marriage must be entered into for a strict period? Please provide this.

If I (were a Moslem and) ‘intend’ to marry a woman and have a contract, and I fail to fulfill that contract, is she not entitled to a divorce regardless of my intention to marry forever?

Thirdly, you can get around this anyway by having slave-girls/concubines, anyway.

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