54 day novena gives me peace

Today is my 4th day and i am grateful that peace entered my heart every time i ended. Every mystery was like a teacher giving me lessons in humility , patience and obedience. Thank you blessed trinity , thank you most holy Theotokos!

Has anyone not had their prayer answered after the 54 days? My first run went unanswered , the person’s heart was not converted , actually i did not give it much thought but typing it out makes me feel like :sob::sob:.

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I could never go beyond 15 days. Devils would harass and threaten me. May our Lord and Holy Queen bless You.

I have prayed many 54 day rosary novenas and sometimes the answer from God has been “no” or “not yet.” Sometimes God has answered with a resounding “yes.”

This is a beautiful novena and I intend to actually start this novena tonight for an intention dear to my heart.

Will pray for the grace to pray to be with you :blush:

54 days seem daunting to me!!! And have never done it either out of fear of missing a day / getting distracted etc.

Nevertheless, i’ve decided to start it soon.

As for being “answered” , I’ve learned to accept the unanswered ones as " God has decided that it’s not for me".

Once, I was impatiently persistent on this particular novena asking the Lord to give me an opportunity for which I had been vying for. I was literally complaining to Him like “Lord, why aren’t you answering to me? Won’t you give me this small gift? I’m not asking you to give me all the glory of this world. Yadda yadda yadda…” . Then, miraculously, I was offered with that “opportunity” . The outcome? I ended up loathing it. I think it was one of the worst experiences of my life. God wanted to taste it myself. He knew I wasn’t fit for it but I kept throwing tantrums.

I’m sure God will abide by His time to answer you. Just don’t lose your patience!!

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