54 Day Novena Struggles

I’m trying to say the 54 day novena for a special intention (a wife!) and I have two questions.

1: The Little Blue Book I use does not include the Litany so I haven’t been saying it. OK?
2: Due to a hectic work day, I miss a few days and then catch-up on the weekends. I know this is not ideal but is it OK/valid?

Prayers and insightful answers appreciated.



A novea is prayer, not an incantation where if we do not say the words exactly it will be void.

Just pray.

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It’s fine if you have to catch up. I am constantly catching up when I do 54 day novenas, and even shorter novenas. I try to do it every day but as you noted, life gets in the way.


I pray it all works for you! I empathize with your hopes

I also do not pray the litany, it’s fine. I have prayed several 54 day rosary novenas over the years. I just finished one last week on the feast of St Anne for a similar intention as yours.

Thanks for all the thoughtful replies and encouragement. It’s so tough to keep saying the Rosary Novena when I’ve missed a few days because of work but I take comfort that our Lady will understand. As for the intention itself, I’m in my early 40s and never had much success in this area so any prayers would be very much appreciated. God Bless.

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