54 Day Novena

I have decided to start a 54 day novena today in hopes of sorting something out in my life and getting an answer to a question I have had for almost a year. I ask you, CAF, to keep me honest and help me continue it, I will try to post an update every day.

Note: The reason I am posting this here (in Catholic Living -> Spirituality) is because a) the prayer originate out of Catholics and b) it is a prayer, that is something spiritual; please move if this is not the proper place.

All the best. Which novena are you doing?

I think the OP is referring to the 54 day rosary novena

Yes sorry for the confusion the 54 day rosary novena 54daynovena.com/Fifty%20Four%20Day%20Novena.pdf

Ok just finished praying it for the first time; I started at 11:52 PM and ended at 12:26 AM.

53 more to go :).


Well I “forgot” on Saturday (yesterday)… I knew I had to do it but was dead tired (only 5 hours of sleep) and so took a nap at seven thinking all be able to do it after and I woke up at 1 am so ya… not too happy, pretty disappointed in myself. I will restart again when I wake up in the morning.

Well I didn’t really want to pray and kept delaying it, saying to myself “Oh it doesn’t matter if you don’t you can just start again tomorrow”. Well I finally just got myself to it by finally starting, saying to myself “Well if I don’t do it I won’t have anything to post :P”. So I just finished started at 9:56 ended at 10:27. 53 more to go… again :slight_smile:

I have prayed the 54 day novena. It was my most desperate time in my life. It was difficult at first but i found a time when i could focus without interruption. I prayed it during my lunch hour during the week and before my family awoke on the weekends. I also was able to find an app on my cell fon that helps keep track of the prayers.
This novena brings you inner peace and calm and hope. I am getting ready to start another one for a different petition. It was a wonderful experience. I recommend it to everyone, the peace it brings into your heart is like nothing else.

If I may ask, was your petition answered, in the way you expected, did you have to restart?

52 More to go prayed it from 11:40 PM to 12:25 AM. This one was hard to do, I was dead tired and had to drag myself through it, even falling asleep on in the middle of the fourth sorrowful mystery, but I woke up and complete it :). 52 more to go! :slight_smile:

My petition was answered exactly the way i had expected. It was answered by the 26 day of petition of the novena. During that time i received many signal graces and one of those signs was to pray the novena of the miraculous medal. Another sign was to make a good confession. It was like Mother Mary was talking to me. It was a very moving experience. Also, i did miss a day or two, but i just doubled up the following day. Just keep going.

That is awesome and wow I am surprised by how, in at least the way you described it, it was so clear what to do.

51 more to go, started at 11:11 pm and ended at 11:41 pm

It was very clear to me what Mother Marys messages were. I also received many signal graces during that time and that brought even more peace and comfort in my heart. I felt like she was holding my hand during this difficult time.
This is the version i used and i printed out the sheet to keep track of what day i was on.


I’m sorry, Dmendoza. Medjugorje is unapproved. Since, it is unapproved, it’s on the Banned Topic List.

From the Spirituality Forum Information sticky:

Promoting unapproved apparitions and revelations (those not approved by the Church for private or public devotion) or alleged private locutions

Didn’t mean to get this into ban trouble, sorry everyone… Thank you Dmendoza for your posts and story

50 more to go! :smiley: Started at 11:17 pm ended at 11:46 pm

49 more to go!

I am new here and am doing the 54 day miraculous novena (rosary) for the first time. I’m on day 10. I have a desperate request. Would you please remember me in your prayers?

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