54 Day Rosary Novena


Hey everyone. I’m going to begin a 54 day rosary novena today. I just wanted to ask for tips or extra prayers to add to it. and what do I do on the last day. Do I go to Church or something?

I’m also a very easily distracted person, so I would also appreciate your prayers to help me stay attentive and on task during these next 54 days.

God Bless.


ummm…anybody? lol


I find listening to a recording of the rosary helps me stay focused. Maybe you can enlist some friends or family members to pray with you? I would go to Mass as much as possible during the novena.


God Bless you on this beautiful devotion. I am in the middle of the 27 days of Thanksgiving. I have found this to be a profound novena that has never failed to offer me incredible spiritual consolations and always drawn me closer to our Lord through Mary.

There is a wonderful book that I use to help me. The prayers are absolutely poignant and touching they have helped me stay focus on the intention. Here is the link…


May our Blessed Mother be with you in your desire…


These may help. It is the 54-Day Noevna, with pictures, and scriptural meditations:




I can also send them to you directly, if you like.


Thank You All soooooo much.


Hi manveersihota,

I used the following method to help me concentrate in my Rosary prayers. It’s taken from the book ‘The Secret of the Rosary’ by St Louis De Montfort

(from book) “Commemorating the life, death and glory of Jesus, Mary in the most Holy Rosary, and a way to curb our imagination and to lessen distractions.

In order to do this, we can add a word or two to each Hail Mary (depending upon the decade) and this will help remind us which mystery we are commemorating. This word or words should be added after the word “Jesus” (after “And Blessed in the fruit of Thy Womb”)

At the 1st Decade … “Jesus Incarnate”;
At the 2nd Decade …“Jesus Sanctifying”;
At the 3rd Decade … “Jesus born in poverty”;
At the 4th Decade … “Jesus sacrificed”;
At the 5th Decade … “Jesus Saint among saints”;
At the 6th Decade … “Jesus in His agony”;
At the 7th Decade … “Jesus scourged”;
At the 8th Decade … “Jesus crowned with thorns”;
At the 9th Decade … “Jesus carrying His cross”;
At the 10th Decade … “Jesus crucified”;
At the 11th Decade … “Jesus risen from the dead”;
At the 12th Decade … “Jesus ascending to heaven”;
At the 13th Decade … “Jesus filling Thee with the Holy Spirit”;
At the 14th Decade … “Jesus raising Thee up”;
At the 15th Decade … “Jesus crowning Thee”; ”

God Bless!! :slight_smile:


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