57 Years Mormon


I’m brand new here. I started RCIA last Sunday. I’m very excited about my journey. I left the Mormon church after 57 years of faithful activity. I still study Mormonism a lot, but not because I believe in it, but because I’m just fascinated at how they were ever able to, and still continue to pull off such a hoax.

I look forward to joining in your discussions.


Welcome home! :smiley: May I ask what brought you out of Mormonism and into Christianity, specifically Catholicism.


Well, my reasons for leaving were personal. But basically, I started studying the history of Mormonism and realized that I had been lied to all my life. It made me quite angry, to be honest. I felt betrayed. I wandered for a couple of years and was at a point where I wasn’t even sure if there was a God. Over time, I felt my heart drawing me back. I attended several different churches, even giving the Mormons another chance. Then I walked into a Catholic mass with my wife and have never looked back. I can only say that the Spirit was there in ways I have never experienced in my 60+ years of living. I’m on my way home.


Well we’re very happy to have you, and that you finally decided to come to Christ after 57 years in a cult! I will pray for you brother, that you continue your journey towards God. :pray:


I’m very happy for you!! Funny, the effect that a little studying can do. I have heard that Mormons who study the history of their church will usually end up leaving it, whereas when Christians study the history of the early church, they end up becoming either Catholic or Orthodox. History refutes Mormonism and affirms Catholicism.

I just want to warn you though, that Catholics are not known for being as tight-knit and welcoming as Mormons. You are probably not going to get the fellowship that you got from the LDS, but don’t let it discourage you. You made the right choice for your soul. God bless.


A pretty good number of Mormons who study the history not only end up leaving the church but giving up on God. They often become agnostic or atheist. I was almost there myself.

Thanks for the warning, but that doesn’t bother me at all. People at church are friendly enough, but I don’t require people to invite me to dinner the first time I meet them. I want friendships to be genuine.


Welcome! CAF has both active Mormons and former Mormons, and some of my favourite discussions involve Mormonism so I hope I learn something from you, and I hope you learn something for me.


I’m looking forward to it. I am very familiar with Mormon history and Mormon doctrine. I have been in several bishoprics, temple ordinance worker, two missions, seminary teacher, several times gospel doctrine teacher. I will enjoy conversing all things Mormonism!


Welcome! We are glad you are here!


Yes, that’s true. Both Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses usually end up atheist. I guess their trust in religion is shattered, knowing they’ve been duped. That’s a real shame. I’m glad you found faith again.

About those friendships, are you saying that among Mormons, the friendships are frequently not genuine? Or are you talking friendships in general?


Mormons bend over backwards to fellowship new people. They are taught to do so. I believe that it’s not always genuine, but more or less expected. I’m not saying it’s necessarily wrong. Mormons for the most part are extremely good and kind people.


Hello, and I’m glad you saw the Spirit at Mass.

May I ask if you believe the Mormon faith is Christian?


Welcome! congratulations on your departure from Mormonism.


Welcome, my husband is LDS.


Greetings to my brother in Christ. Thrilled to hear you come to the Catholic Church!


Welcome home! I will pray for you as you journey thru RCIA.


Welcome. I love hearing stories like yours. You have my utmost respect and admiration.

So many Catholics have gone AWOL including myself.

I will say prayer for your journey. God bless.


I don’t believe that any “faith” is Christian. I believe that people are Christian–or not. It’s not for me to judge whether or not someone else is Christian. I don’t know what’s in their heart. I believe that some Mormons are Christian and that some Catholics are not. The label doesn’t necessarily mean anything.


I’m glad you joined our team. It seems like it would be a huge step to do so after 57 years.
I happened to see our new local Mormon temple this evening as it is across the street from the Catholic cathedral where I was at Mass, and I said a prayer for you when I noticed it.

I chuckle a bit that they had to build it right there. It’s a nice addition to the neighborhood, which can certainly use some more good, stable tenants, but having it across from that cathedral reminds me of when you get off the highway and see two gas stations right next to each other duking it out for customers.


When I say “Christian faith” I mean Christian beliefs and Teachings. Obviously, the Catholic Church does not recognize the Mormon church’s Baptism as a valid Sacrament. That is very significant.

But I agree that some members can be saved despite their Church’s beliefs. There can be Baptism of desire and invinsible ignorance.

The Catholic Church alone has the Deposit of Faith in its fullness. And again, I agree that Catholic members don’t necessarily walk in this faith.

But the Mormon church is not considered equal with those Christian churches who profess common, foundational beliefs as the Catholic Church.

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