5th Glorious Mystery


I was praying the 5th glorious mystery tonight, and it was entitled “The Coronation of Mary and the Glory of All the Saints”. Is this new, what does it mean by the “Glory of All the Saints”? :confused:


Well, I’ve never heard the mystery called that before. :confused:

But some Rosary leaflets list ‘fruits’ of the different mysteries (the fruit of the Annunciation is humility, the Annunciation love of neighbour and so on) and have something similar (eg ‘crown of glory’) listed as the ‘fruit’ of the mystery for the Coronation. Maybe someone jumbled the two together by accident?


I know. I’ve never heard that before. I looked online, and some sources do add and the “glory of the saints”. I’m just confused. :eek:


I suppose it’s just a reminder that, while the Coronation of Mary is important, part of its importance is that it gives ALL believers hope to share in her (and His) glory in heaven.


It is really quite simple, Mary is the glory of all the Saints. The pre-eminent saint so to speak. Her crowning is then a prime example of the glory possessed by all the saints. I have never read or heard this particular description of that fifth mystery before, but it makes in my opinion enormous sense. :slight_smile:


One way I had heard it said back in the Philippines was “The Glory of all the Saints with Mary as their Queen.”

Actually makes sense.


Today’s Vespers say that Jesus is the “crowning glory of the saints”. Is there a difference between the “glory of all the saints” and the “crowning glory”?

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