6-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped for Ransom Outside South Africa Primary School Is Returned

The 6-year-old girl who was wrenched from her mother’s grip outside of her primary school gates by four kidnappers has been found 19 hours later, alive and well.

Amy-Lee de Jager, the daughter of a South African speedboat star, was kidnapped as she was dropped at school in the town of Vanderbijlpark on the morning of Sept. 2, according to local reports, and dragged off with enough force to leave her mother with a shoulder injury as she fought in vain.

The kidnappers had reportedly demanded a 2 million rand ($130,000) ransom.

They say they didn’t pay the ransom and the little girl was only missing for 19 hours, so there is a lot to find out about this story but most importantly, she has been found and hopefully, totally safe and okay.

More reading and a picture below.

This all happened very quickly, I saw no news of this until these stories saying she was found. Praise God, thank you Jesus, may all of those who are kidnapped, abducted, children and all, turn up safe.

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