6 year old Grandson and Homosexuality

My daughter has many friends that are homosexual. She has taught her young son that it totally acceptable for men to have sex with men and for women to have sex with women. When I talk to her about homosexuals, I tell her that they are called to a chaste lifestyle. She says that I am mean and how can I say people who love each other can never have sexual relations. My grandson has been taught to think this way too. Any suggestions on how to handle this? By the way, my daughter is a practicing Catholic who is raising her son to be Catholic.

Uhm, no sex outside of marriage sorta says it all.

And, quite frankly, indoctrinating a 6 year old like this is just wrong.

Is your daughter homosexual?

This is a tough situation because you don’t want to alienate yourself from your daughter and grandson but don’t want to justify what is being taught either.

Could you ask your pastor for advice? Maybe he would sit down with all three of you and discuss the Churchs teachings. I will be interested to see what other advice you receive.

God bless!

Why on earth would anyone be having a discussion about who has sex with whom with a six-year-old anyway? Good grief.

By the way - your daughter is NOT a practicing Catholic. She is not practicing her Faith nor is she raising her son Catholic, if she is teaching him such things. :mad:

She needs to sit down with a good solid priest and talk about the damage she is doing to her son, and to her own eternal soul as well.


Uh, not to sound alarmist or anything, but is your grandson being abused?

No 6 year old I know knows the mechanics of sex! Nor should they at 6! What lifestyle is your daughter exposing him to?

You daughter sounds very immature.

immature? I actually think she is being very mature. Isn’t is better to raise a child with ideal of love rather than hate? We shouldn’t hate or look down on Gays just because they love what we (you) don’t understand. It is still love! To me hate is sin.

We are to raise our children to detest sin. Love the person, but hate the sin. We aren’t supposed to look down on homosexuals, but we are looking down on sinful behavior.

That being said, there isn’t a child on this planet at 6 years old that needs to be instructed on any kind of sexual relationships. They need to be taught to love others and that it’s God’s plan that there be a mommy and daddy in every family.

I love plenty of people males and females alike, but if I were to act in an impure manner that would be very wrong and sinful. I’m only allowed to have those kind of relations with my wife.

I agree. Most of the responses in this thread are ridiculous, if not ignorant. Allow your daughter to raise her son as she pleases. He is HER son. I can’t believe someone mentioned that the mother might be abusing him! She is teaching him to be tolerant. OP, don’t be upset when you drive a wedge between you and your daughter (and eventually your grandson).

Teaching tolerance is not the goal in life. We ought to seek God in life, and that includes love God, love your neighbor, and avoid sin. Hence, we need to educate children about love and sin, good and evil. Tolerance is being used as a synonym for everything is OK as long as you are happy with it. That is not Christ’s message. Remember He died for us and our sins? And … why on Earth does a 6 year old need to know about gay sex? or any kind of sex at all? Nonsense and not Christian, at all.

Why is everyone assuming that the mother taught her son the complete details of sex? She probably is just teaching him that people of the same gender are sometimes in relationships.

It goes further than that though. Unfortunately, kids will have to grow up and one day realize that same sex couples exist. But to teach them that their behavior is acceptable and is compatible with a Catholic Christian lifestyle is wrong. If you want to raise your child Catholic it is your responsiblity to educate them in regards to the faith.

She talks about gay sex to a six year old? No offense, but that’s sick.

Many good insights and some serious questions (given that a young child is involved)…but, I believe that Lizaanne’s comments go to the core issue.

Your daughter is doing what a lot of (American) Catholics are doing these days (and I worry that I too am guilty of doing) on “faith and morals” issues…she is very clearly saying (probably shouting):"…ah…excuse me Pope Benedict …but, you are sitting in my Chair (Ex Cathedra…from the Chair of Saint Peter)…she has made herself the Vicar of Christ on Earth!

[this phrase adapted from a Peter Kreeft talk…He is a convert, author and Prof of Phil at Boston College]

Once we “assume the Chair”… on one faith and morals issue then we get to be “infallible on all or any matters of faith and morals”…why not? Lets see…what about that “real presence stuff”…“body and blood?” in the Eucharist? …or, embryonic stem cell research…or all of this overreaction to this pro-abortion President who was elected by getting 54% of practicing Catholics to vote for him…". Luke 10:16
"Whoever listens to you listens to me. Whoever rejects you rejects me. And whoever rejects me rejects the one who sent me."
1Timothy 3:15**
But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.
[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=2][FONT=Georgia][size=2]
[/size][/FONT][/size][/FONT][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=2][FONT=Georgia][size=2]"[/size]The modern world will accept no dogmas upon any authority; but it will accept any dogmas on no authority. Say that a thing is so, according to the Pope or the Bible, and it will be dismissed as a superstition without examination. But preface your remark merely with “they say” or “don’t you know that?” or try (and fail) to remember the name of some professor mentioned in some newspaper; and the keen rationalism of the modern mind will accept every word you say." G.K. Chesterton [/FONT][/size][/FONT]

Lastly…your daughter’s practice of her faith is in God’s hands (at her baptism…he claimed her for himself)…not yours…so pray for her with humility (his mysterious plan is at work even in her free will missteps…that we can’t understand) and with confidence (he is watching over her and her son…we don’t know what he will do…but we do know that it will be the most perfect thing – Blessed Virgin Mary’s discipleship exhibited at the wedding feast of Cana – “do whatever he tells you”)…but, pray without ceasing. Let us all pray for daughter and son.

Pax Christi

Why do you equate disapproval with hate?

And, we are supposed to love everyone, not everything they do.

Are you sure about this? The statements prior to this do not add up to what a practicing Catholic is all about. Perhaps you should remind her what the church teaches on this and try and get your grandson into Catechism or a private, Catholic school.

Many six year olds have asked their parents exactly how they got to be born…and have gotten “straight” answers (no pun intended).

Thank you all for your responses. My daughter isn’t a lesbian, she is married and has been for 10 years to a lovely man. Also, she has not taught my grandson the “mechanics” of sexual relations–that would inappropriate since he is only six. But she does have a lot of friends who are homosexual. My grandson has been to a parade in New York for “gay pride day” and it has been explained to him that homosexuals love and have sexual relations with people of the same sex. Certainly we are all called to love each other and not judge. I think I’ll take this one up with my priest.

Thanks for all your comments. I wanted to see if some of you believe as I do and that this information at such a young age may harm his conscience before it is totally formed.

I think the best way is to expalin it as the Church teaches it… The Homosexuality is disordered and the Homosexual acts are gravely sinful. That Marriage is between one man and one woman, for life. The human beings can love each other deeply and not be sexually attracted to each other. That you love her and your grandson deeply, but will never have a sexual relationship with her, or him, that one should get her attention!

No one said anything about “hate” except for you. Being called to a chaste life does not mean you’re hated. Unmarried people should not have sexual relations, even if they are in love.

Teaching a 6 year old about sexual intercourse is inapporpriate. Nor does that mean homosexuals are hated.

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