6-Year-Old Scout Suspended for Bringing Knife-Fork-Spoon Utensil to School

Talk about going utterly, completely overboard. :rolleyes:

It’s a good thing they stopped him before he killed somebody, though----I mean, look at that picture. That kid is a hardened, psychotic, deranged murderer on the loose, there’s no doubt about it. He should probably be locked up for the good of society.


The inmates are running the asylum, I’m telling you. It’s obvious that this little boy wasn’t about to hurt anybody, and the thought that he might probably never entered his mind until these morons made this huge stink over nothing. All they did was rob a little boy who harmed no one of some joy, while they didn’t “protect” anybody from anything. In their defense, they of course can’t help it that they’re idiots, but still.

i probably had the same device when i was in grade school

the times we live in today…

If they think it’s dangerous to children to have such utensil in School,. they have to publish school rules and make it known among all kids.

Than, if someone bring such ‘‘dangerous’’ equipment in school it would be fair to suspend that person.

But without regulations, rules, school policies, etc. it’s unfair and it makes damage to kid.

Gee, back in my day he would have also had a pocket knife and nobody would have so much as blinked at it. The guys used to also have files which they used to play a game at recess. In 12 years of school nobody ever got attacked or hurt from such items.

My lunch kit staple, a Tupperware knife, spoon & fork combo would probably also get him suspended. What do the kids use in the cafeteria? When did schools start having the same rules as prisons? Are the students searched after lunch to make sure they aren’t smuggling ‘weapons’ from the lunchroom?

My feeling is that if we’re going to punish people for possessing things that could be used to harm someone, then we need to punish a lot more people than kids like this.

Are there kids who bring their lunches to school in plastic grocery bags? Then we’d beter confiscate the bags and make the kids go hungry, because those bags could be used to smother someone.

Does the flagpole have a rope or line to raise and lower the flag? If so, we’d better confiscate it, because that rope could be used to hang somebody.

Does the principal drive to school every day? Better take his car away----he could use it to drive over somebody and kill them.

Are some kids brought to school every day in school buses? Better take the buses away and make the kids walk----those buses run on gasoline, which could be siphoned out and used to make a bomb.

See how ludicrous this “zero tolerance” policy is when you enforce it across the board?

Zero Tolerance Policies remove the ability for school leaders to use common sense and their own judgment on a case by case basis. To fix junk like this the school boards have to get rid of zero tolerance policies and allow the principals to run their schools as they see fit.

Wow. That is going overboard. I feel sorry for that poor little boy. I don’t think he should have been punished at all unless there was a published rule somewhere accessible to the boy that says not to bring such items to school. And even then I don’t think that suspension is an appropriate punishment. Maybe a day or two in detention if that.

Well i have a Knife fork spoon muti-tool, which also has a 4 inch blade attached, and in fact most i have seen have been part of multi tools, with sharp knives attached etc, would you want one of your kids to be hanging around someone with a knife, who knows what accidents can happen. he didnt get suspended for long and it was only in primary school so no lasting effect on record etc, and maybe it set an example for the other kids

You just described the entire liberal mindset—let “The Authorities” do our thinking for us, because They Know Best.

Common sense went out the window when we decided to throw away personal responsibility.

Automobiles cause more deaths than multi-tools. Do you let your kids hang around someone with a car? Who knows what accidents can happen?

As long as no one was suspended “for long” for a silly reason, we’ve nothing to be worried about.

– Mark L. Chance.

I am aghastthat people would think it’s okay for children to bring pocket knives to school. What purpose do they serve? Why would a child need one at school?

In my district in the 90’s no one would have brought a knife to school. We most certainly would have gotten into huge trouble for it. Most kids who brought lunch didn’t need any utensils except for maybe a spoon. For lunch bought at school we had sporks. They were plastic. No knives anywhere.

He also has to go to the district’s reform school for over a month, though. Those schools are bad news. Man, if they think he has dangerous ideas now wait until after he goes to that school.

My heart just goes out to the boy who was excited to be in Cub Scouts and doesn’t understand all the politics and stupidity behind zero tolerance policies.

If he was my son, I would do anything and everything to get him out of the public school system. Failing that, I would move. I would not have him attend one day punishment for this.

I agree. But I blame the parents for letting him bring a knife to school.

Why do you call it a knife? It is a spoon, fork and knife. Eating utensils. Calling this thing a weapon is a perversion of truth.

Here it is


A combination fork, knife, spoon and bottle opener is Zachary Christie’s favorite utensil — but it got him in trouble at school.

Update at 2:50 p.m. ET: A school board member says today that Zachary is likely to get a reprieve, the AP reports. School board member John Mackenzie says "the policy, of course, needs some additional flexibility."
He says teachers and administrators need the freedom to use their commonsense when it’s obvious that a child presents no danger.
Mackenzie says the board will likely amend the policy tonight and that any change would be retroactive to the beginning of the school year.

Regardless, sending a 6 year old to reform school is not going to teach him anything positive. If it was my kid, it would be over my dead body. Although we homeschool partially due to this kind of power tripping stupidity of school admins.

because it is a knife. A knife with a spoon and fork. I can’t imagine that his school doesn’t provide utensils for him to eat with. Why would he need to bring this to school?

Honestly, any parent dumb enough to send a kid to school with something like that should be the one going to reform school. The poor kid probably didn’t know not to do it!

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