60 MINUTES anchor, crew get roughed up in China

[/FONT]**[FONT=Courier New]60 MINUTES anchor, crew get roughed up in China… **

I got no article when I followed your link and google didn’t bring up anything on a 60 Minutes fracas in China - ?

And what does that have to do with Obama?

I just clicked on the link and it worked fine. Here are the first couple of paragraphs from the article:

(CBS) When 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley and his crew went to China to record the black market dismantling of electronic waste, or “e-waste,” the experience was almost as hazardous for the 60 Minutes team as working with the toxic material is for poor Chinese workers.

Jumped by a gang of men overseeing the e-waste operations who tried to take the CBS team’s cameras, Pelley’s crew managed to escape and bring back footage of the hazardous activities. Pelley’s investigation will be broadcast this Sunday, Nov. 9, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

 There was even a video of the "fracas."   Perhaps that was your problem when you googled it, the word  fracas does not appear in the story, to be honest, it's not a word I hear a lot these days.

 As for the President-elect Obama, this has nothing to do with him.  Did you notice the black line above the quotation, everything below the line is part of gilliam's signature, which automatically appears at the bottom of every post.  

 We should all follow the advice in the quote as well, you may not agree with the man, maybe you voted for him, maybe you didn’t but come January 20th he will be our president and we should all pray for and support him.


Still can’t pull it up on the link for some reason.

I didn’t use the word “fracas” in the google; I used the same phraseology as the thread title line.

Thanks for the paragraphs…

FickleFreckled, I’m sorry you are having trouble with the link. You might want to google the entire first line of the paragraph which SPBonner gave. Doing so gave me many hits.

As a lesser alternative, here is a link to the CBS video:

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