$619 billion missed from federal transparency site



Only 2% to 7% of spending data on USASpending.gov is “fully consistent with agencies’ records,” according to the report.

Hey, the web site is only 6 years old, so we can’t really expect them to know what they are doing, but we need an ever larger government controlling even more of our lives.




Say now!

Must be one of those TEA PARTY righties who doesn’t want ANY government! :smiley:

The only two choice are:

  1. You want no government and want the USA to be like SOMALIA!!!* :blush:

  2. You must put your faith in President Barack Hussein Obama and know that he cares about you and knows whats best because he supposedly went to Columbia and then Harvard and just do it anyways or be forever know as rayyyycciiiiisssttt! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

  • = This despite the fact that Western liberals bend over backwards for Islam and will even concede gay rights for them. :eek:


I heard about this today. Wonder if anything will be done about it? Kind of convenient the story came out when congress is in recess.


I’m shocked, shocked I tell you! :eek:

The grant numbers are shocking enough as it is. It would be utterly unbelievable if the records were actually correct.


You’ve got to laugh, if only to keep from crying! :eek:


It’s probably behind the copier :rolleyes:

Seriously, this is not the first report of billions of dollars going who knows where. You could try the Government Accounting Office but… never mind.




On the bright side, this is only about $2000 per US resident. You probably have that much in your in your furniture cushions that you don’t know about, or in change that you dropped at the McDonald’s drive through. Who are we to judge?




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