63 ex-priests in Washington State speak out in favor of marriage equality

I first read this on-line edition of New Oxford Review.
Remember, St James Cathedral, Seattle was one of several parishes in the area that would not cooperate w/ Archbishop Sartain’s effort to gather signatures for a state referendum to put the same sex marriage issue on the ballot.
Archbishop Sartain has enemies on the inside & outside of the archdiocese.


Typical liberal media story. Yay for the clergy who follows our views but not for the clergy who teaches the truth.

I reside in Bp Tyson’s diocese and his letter was published in our parish bulletin. The Bishop wanted all Priests to read the letter in place of the Homily. Our liberal Priest decided not to follow the good Bishops advice, instead pandering to the social justice crowd.

Call it what it is. It is not marriage ‘equality.’. If they have to lie to sell the idea, why pass on that mistake?

How about instead of vilifying the priest, we assume he was following his conscience. Or, does the “social justice crowd” support him financially so he had to “pander” to them?

You know, Jesus was rather a fan of social justice, or what is more correctly called charity. How did it get to be a term of approbation?

That’s an understatement for Huffington Post… http://yoursmiles.org/ssmile/wonder/s1010.gif

When being applied to actions which violate rational conscience and natural law, it is no longer social justice or charity, it is heresy.

Jesus calls us to love, but loving someone does not mean giving them carte blanche to do what they will, it means to teach them the proper ways to act, to support them through their troubles, and to always do what is in their best interest. Since homosexual activities are inherently wrong, and engaging in them is gravely sinful, the loving thing to do is to inform and correct the offending parties, not let them continue living in a state of sin.

Following this, the true social justice is in teaching, not in “tolerating”

And the devil has tricked them into boldly coming out and making this announcement on October 11th, the beginning of the “Year of Faith” One thing about the evil one: he’s sure evil!

ex priests, right…


Yes Jesus was about charity. That was His understanding of social justice. What liberals define as social justice, however, is a government state where everything is run by the federal government. We can’t wipe our own butts anymore without the government stepping in. Christ would decry the welfare system in america. It is not “liberating” the people like it ought to be. It is instead holding the majority of people down. And funding this behemoth of a failed policy is crippling the middle class. “social justice” according to liberals is “cancer” to anyone with common sense.


He takes an oath of obedience to his Bishop.
This works both ways.
In my diochise the Bishop has forbid priests from speaking on politics. Many priests are more concervative than their Bishop.The difference is they tend to be true to their promise
and have remained loyal.

I am not vilifying the priest, I just disagree with his action in not following his Bishop and inserting his own agenda. The priest has 50+ weeks a year to insert his “conscience” into homilies. I have no idea about the donation habits of the social justice crowd.

I don’t see the correlation between social justice and charity. The poor need the truth as much as charity. I don’t see the social justice crowd embracing the truth of the Catholic Church, certainly not in the homosexual marriage teachings.

Amen and amen.

Question: Should a Priest have a well-formed conscience before he acts? Should he obey his Bishop as he promised to? Should he consult with the catechism if he is confused or unclear on a given teaching? If he cannot grant assent to Church teaching, should he even remain in the Church?

We are coming up on 50 years of “social justice” Its fruits so far have been declining demographics, moral relativism, abortion, euthanasia, contraception in middle schools, family breakdown, increased criminality, increased reliance on government, decreased Church attendance and all manner of societal rot. The word “repentance” is not even whispered among this crowd.

Our Lord Jesus also said “by their fruits you shall know them”

You are not alone there!

No, it doesn’t. You can share the Gospel, of course. The Gospel says: feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the imprisoned…

Since homosexual activities are inherently wrong, and engaging in them is gravely sinful, the loving thing to do is to inform and correct the offending parties, not let them continue living in a state of sin.

Denying them the rights associated with civil union won’t do thing one to stop them “living in a state of sin” if you are referring to sexual behavior. The only thing accomplished by refusing them these benefits is continued marginalization which promotes MORE sin.

Not at all loving.

Here in Washington State - “Social Justice” is a code word for “Nanny State.”

Growing up here in Washington, it took me years to find out that Catholics were not universally big-state socialist, pro-abortion(!!!), and anti-marriage. I kid you not… when I met a Seattle Catholic, that was my initial assumption until proven otherwise.

I thank God! He is cleaning house, and Catholics are following.

I don’t see the logic in this at all. Why not provide heroin users with free needles? Oh, wait, we already do.

There is no ‘right’ to mortal sin.

We are here but you won’t see things like this in the news: youtu.be/QiIq28PPHEg?t=1m4s

What have these 63 ex priests done to become ex priests before this or did they choose to leave the priesthood? They are all married

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