65 years for ‘absolutely stupid’ slaying



I have to admit the purpose of this posting is to allow me to vent. 27 year old Ronald Williams was sentenced to 65 years in prison for the murder of 25 year old Mark Brian Young, Jr.

It is the second headline that really disturbs me, “Defendant’s family gets angry as sentence handed down.”

Ronald Williams has an extensive criminal history of both felonies and misdemeanors. He shot one of his competitors to death in an argument over who sold the most drugs in our community. He still faces charges that after he murdered Mr Young, he broke into the apartment of a witness and briefly held a roommate at gunpoint because the witness was not there. It could easily have become a second or third murder.

His family considers him a good father who supports his five children by selling poison to other people’s children. It seems to me his family must be a big part of the problem if they think a 65 year sentence for a career criminal and murderer is excessive. This is the kind of person who makes the retention of the death penalty necessary.


Family rarely believes a judgement handed down by the court system.

Best to thank God that a criminal is off the street, pray for the individuals involved, and not spend any more time on it.


Oh yeah, reading that they sound like a stellar family. Wow. He got what he deserved. No sympathy here.


He didn’t get what he deserved -but he got what passes for justice in this country.



Let’s hope and pray that a chance for parole isn’t anywhere in this person’s future either.



Whether he deserves not to breathe is an issue mostly **in **this country. All the other Western nations no longer execute anybody.

Provided he “punches the whole ticket,” I have no issues with the sentence. If he gets out at 92, that will have been his life, in any case.





Indiana gives one day credit for each day of good behavior in prison, so a 65 year sentence is typically only 32.5 years actually served. However, if he is also convicted of burglary and false imprisonment in his other pending case, he could get another 30 years added for being an habitual offender in addition to whatever he gets for the underlying crimes.

I hope he spends the rest of his life in prison praying for forgiveness for his first 27 years of life.

The longest sentence I know of in Indiana was given to Simon Rios. He got 5 terms of life without parole, to be served consecutively plus 100 years. He murdered five people, including four children and his own wife; the 100 years was for the kidnap and rape of a 12 year old girl before he murdered her. He served only 13 months before committing suicide in prison.

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