67 year-old makes temporary profession


Mepkin Abbey in SC received a 67 year-old gentleman for temporary profession:



May God bless him.


This is so unusual to be received at this age. God must have truly anointed him for religious life through the grace of the Abbey.

My God richly bless Brother Juan in his journey in religious life and in seeking intimacy with God. Also Bless Mepkin Abbey.

God Bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary


Seeking intimacy with God comes in many ways.

A close friend told me after reading about consecrated virginity that she said to God, “I can’t consecrate my virginity to You because that ship has passed. But, I give myself, heart and soul to You because, quite frankly, nobody else will have me.” She said she could almost hear God laugh.


May he be blessed abundantly.


:slight_smile: Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! :slight_smile:


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