6th Mass since December 24th.


I’ve been part of the music ministry at church and today was my 6th Mass.

At the end of it all, just before the closing song, Father brought it to everyone’s attention that I had sang at so many Masses. He caught me off guard, so when I announced the closing song, the congregation roared with laughter…

I’d announced “God Rest Ye Jerry Mentlemen”. :o

I’m such a dork. :whacky:

Happy New Year everyone!



Hey, I think it is FANTASTIC that you have served your parish so well. No, don’t feel “dorky” about your mistake - it is perfectly “normal” to make such mistakes. :slight_smile:

God Bless and Happy New Year!


that is too funny!


we are temporarily having Mass in the hall during church renovations, and music is with a portable keyboard, and choir area is very cramped. Entrance song last night was supposed to be O Come all ye Faithful, and I guess there is a button on the keyboard that makes it sound like an organ, well, in the crush I guess the wrong button got pushed, and we got background music for At the Copa, Copacabana, pretty funny, but at least we were wide awake.

I’ve entirely lost track, either DH or I were at all Masses last Sunday, all Christmas Masses, two funerals, one wedding, all Masses yesterday, and again Mass today. I’ve justed stopped singing, I am hoarse. then MIL decides while DH is watching football, she will go in LR to watch regular EWTN Masses, plus Masses yesterday and today from Rome, plus the pope’s Christmas Mass which I had tivoed.

I just feel immersed in liturgy, like drowning in champagne.


Sounds like your schedule was much like mine! :wink: It IS like drowning in champagne, isn’t it? I love to sing, but by this morning I, too, was hoarse. We are singing the Lewis Carroll Gloria by Michael Joncas for the season and hitting that high G just wasn’t happening this morning. I ended up singing the melody line, and since I was the only female Cantor, that was ok. I tried, but the G sounded more like it was halfway between an F# and a G so I just gave up. LOL

The first Christmas I spent with my in-laws was in 1993. Christmas that year ended up being on a Saturday, so we went to church on Friday night, Saturday morning, and again on Sunday. I was still a Mormon at the time and I remember thinking that “these Catholics go to church more than we Mormons do!”. :wink:

in Christ,

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