6yo Know it all


My Daughter lately has started saying “I KNOW ALREADY!” or “I KNNNOOOOWWWW!” to everything that is said to her. Doesn’t matter if it’s about the phases of the moon or that it’s time to get ready for bed or if my stepdad tells her that acarophobia means fear of itching … She knows already!

First we sat her down and told her it was rude and to stop - no change. Then I took away TV cause that is the general punishment for rudeness and backtalking in my house. That had no effect either (except crying), though this usually curbs what eveer rude behaviour she is displaying.

Finally, I have resorted to telling her every time she says it, she will get a swat on her behind. This got some result unlike the other attempts but I’m hoping for a better solution cause she now only says it to other people when I’m not around.

Any ideas? Anyone one else have know it all children?


**I have a know it all toddler, lol… but I don’t think that’ll help you.

But seriously, maybe punishment isn’t the way to go here? You already acknowledged that it isn’t working like it does with other “rude” behaviors.

What if when she says “I know” you say something like “oh, that’s cool, where did you learn about that?” Make it into a benign conversation. Maybe she wants to be noticed for being smart. maybe she is craving praise? I am only guessing here as I don’t know you or your daughter, just things that popped into my mind reading your post.

If that doesn’t work, what about mirroring her behavior to show how annoying it can be? Go overboard and say “I know” to absolutely everything that comes out of her mouth. Then ask her how it makes her feel… but leave out the “see how annoying and horrible it is???” part.



My DD went through this at the same age! I could have pulled out my hair…:banghead:

Oh man that was one ANNOYING PHASE – but it was a phase. Meaning my DD no longer does this. She quit fairly quickly too, she’s 8 now, and we haven’t heard an “I know already” for ages.

Sitting here trying to recall how I “fixed” it, and now I remember –

When she needed to know something:
“where’s my shoes?” “Where’s the peanut butter?” “How do you spell though?” “Where’s my pencils?”

I would ignore her. She would get pretty demanding, especially at homework time because she wanted to go play and couldn’t till it was done. I would wait for her to practically BEG me to respond and I would calmly say “well you’re the one who knows everything, why are you asking me?” That ended it in a few days, especially because I would NOT help her with her homework, or even help her find the items to help herself. Nor would DH.

Worked like a charm. Also if she did say “I know” in that snooty little tone we would just stop talking to her and walk away. That drove her nuts. She doesn’t like to feel so out of control, and it humbled her enough to realize she doesn’t know it all…

Cant WAIT for it to resurface in her teens! :shrug:


Thanks :slight_smile: I think she does jsut like praise for being smart and is trying to get extra attention. My dd also is like that aboout having to feel in control. I bet not talking to her for even 5 min would jsut drive her up the wall! As she seems to be resseerving it for out of my presence, I’ll Suggest that to my parents who babysit her and see if it has an effect.


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