7 Democrats Who Violated Coronavirus Guidance as Left Moves to Cancel Thanksgiving

7 Democrats Who Violated Coronavirus Guidance as Left Moves to Cancel Thanksgiving


14 Nov 2020

Several high profile Democrat politicians ignored guidance related to the Chinese coronavirus when it appeared to be personally convenient — a realization that comes as Democrat politicians, such as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, attempt to limit gatherings in personal residences ahead of the holiday season.

Democrat politicians have stood united in criticizing the Trump administration’s response to the virus, accusing the president and his supporters of not taking it seriously, particularly when it comes to wearing a mask and avoiding unnecessary public gatherings. However, several of these same politicians have violated their own purported beliefs — and self-declared moral standing — by removing their masks and engaging with crowds, even in recent days. Below are some of the most notable offenders.

1. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot:

A video from Saturday, November 7, shows Lightfoot standing in the midst of a large crowd . . .

. . . The Chicago mayor did not appear to be overtly concerned by the lack of social distancing among members of the group and continued to speak to them without a mask covering her face.

“We should absolutely celebrate this victory. . . .

Just days later, Lightfoot, alongside the Chicago Department of Public Health and the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, launched . . .

. . . Lightfoot also advises Chicagoans to cancel their Thanksgiving plans to combat the Chinese coronavirus . . .

Lightfoot did not express the same concerns mere days ago as she celebrated in the streets with dozens of Biden-Harris supporters. She has since defended her participation in the street celebration.

“There are times when we actually do need to have a relief and come together . . .

2. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker:

Pritzker, who recently warned that another stay-at-home order could be forthcoming, also joined a crowd in the streets following the media’s declaration of Biden’s purported victory:

. . . the governor’s public visit “occurred less than 24 hours after Pritzker’s administration had announced the governor had been exposed to COVID-19 at an ‘external meeting’ Monday and would again quarantine as a precaution.”

On Thursday, just days after congregating with a large crowd, Pritzker warned that the state will “quickly reach the point when some form of a mandatory stay-at-home order” if “things don’t take a turn . . . .

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Is the Left really planning to cancel Thanksgiving??? How would that work?


The “Left” has no authority to cancel anything. The State and local governments can cancel events, close businesses, stores, churches, schools, etc., and impose curfews. But they can’t cancel a holiday.

What many governors and mayors are doing is scaring people, telling them to stay home and get together with their families via “Zoom” or some other computer gathering platform.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is especially good at this–she has HUGE!!! eyes and she talks in a low, quiet voice that can easily convince anyone that if you step out your door in the morning, you will be hooked up to respirator and near death by evening!!–EVEN IF YOU WEAR A MASK!!! Bwoo haha! She could substitute for Svengoolie, but I think that many children would stop watching the show–Svengoolie is fun. Mayor Lightfoot isn’t.

The governors and mayors (e.g., Gov. Pritzker of Illinois) keep telling us that the evidence shows that these small family/friends gatherings are where many of the cases of COVID-19 happen. And they describe the death statistics as though the majority of people who become infected with COVID-19 died alone and on a respirator, even though the death rate from COVDI-19 is very low.

After hearing these dire and terrifying warnings, many people are making the decision to skip the Thanksgiving family dinner and just stay home, alone. So even though Thanksgiving isn’t cancelled, it is certainly being disemboweled.

IIt’s so sad–my elderly parents-in-law can’t see well enough to see even a large computer screen and they have no idea how to even use a computer. Even if they could, a computer image can’t give you a hug.

We plan on doing T’sgiving with our parents-in-law, our brother-in-law and his teen-aged children (his wife is taking her mother out-of-town to visit their family), and our sister-in-law and her teenaged children. That’s 11 people–one over the recommended gathering size, but the teens will spend most of their visit upstairs in the bedrooms playing their endless computer games. And my sister-in-law will find a very believable excuse to leave the gathering early so she can smoke and then take a shower and come back later to pick up her kids.

Doesn’t that sound like a typical American family Thanksgiving?! :rofl:


CheeseCake . . .

Is the Left really planning to cancel Thanksgiving??? How would that work?

This threat (suggestion) to cancel Thanksgiving is heavy on manipulation and light on health and even lighter on “concern”.

You can see Democrat Pritzker walking around outside in crowds within 24 hours of him being exposed to a positive Corona virus patient!

These leftists see this stuff as “for thee, but not for me.”

Their actions give them away.

That’s WHY they ignore large crowds ignoring social distancing schmoozing, sometimes like Schumer even with HIS mask off (for PART of his celebration. If you want I can post the Tucker video showing this hypocrisy).

Someone here even scolded me for denying the leftists their non-social-distancing “celebration” (as if the virus they pretend is descending upon all of us any moment now care if it is a celebration or not).

Hold 'em to their own “standards”.

That’s WHY they put out fake “statistics” for Sturgis get togethers, but virtually IGNORE LEFTIST RIOTS. (Don’t even ask about Trump rallys).

The media amplifies this and big social media won’t allow you to play “reindeer games” if you expose the hypocrisy too effectively.

I would not be swayed by this type of shenanigans.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving however YOU decide to spend it.


I do think we all need to use common sense.

IF our older relatives are hale and hearty and comfortable with computer technology and OK with an “online family gathering,” --great! Why not? It’s a great family memory–“the year we all did the holidays online!”

But…if, like my family, the older relatives are home-bound, frail (but not ill), computer-illiterate, and seldom see anyone except their hired caregivers, and have a tradition of gathering for a holiday–then gather.

Avoid any “big long hugs and sloppy grandma kisses.” Definitely wash hands often, and if someone is sneezing or coughing–stay away from them!

Hopefully our family members who have respiratory symptoms like coughing and sneezing and chest rumbling and fever would NOT attend a family gathering, and if they do, I think it’s appropriate for the family to ask them to either leave or stay in another room!

But honestly, most people are not going to expose people that they love to symptoms of illness!

I just take it to mean they are discouraging gatherings. Regulating behaviour en masse can be hard.

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