7 movies about Jesus: pros, cons, and favorite scenes (an article)

see beatencopperlamp.blogspot.com/2011/04/seven-quick-jesus-movie-takes.html

Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

It's too bad The Gospel of John's not on that list. That's my favorite Jesus film.

If you haven’t seen Jesus of Montreal, by all means do! It is really powerful… Of course I think **Passion of Christ **was magnificant too, as for the rest, fun to watch but pretty Hollywoodish.

My favorite scene in film depicting Christ appears in Ben Hur, when the centurion looks at Christ after he gives Judah ben Hur the water.

Oh yeah. I was five when I saw that movie in a drive-in, and that’s about the only moment I remember in it, vividly!

I am so happy the animated Miracle Maker made the list. I love this movie and have watched it many times.

I never saw the Robe but heard it was good.

Mary Mother of Jesus wasn’t on the list, which has Christian Bale, my favorite actor, portraying Jesus.

But I have only seen The Robe and Passion, so I can’t really have a fair enough judgement on the other films.

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