7 shuttle fliers plus 6 station guys equal record

Mix seven shuttle astronauts and six space station residents and you set a record for the biggest off-the-planet gathering.

NASA is aiming to launch Endeavour on Saturday morning to the international space station for a long, laborious construction job. When the shuttle pulls up, there will be 13 people at the station — the most people ever together in space at one time.

Some of the shuttle crew also will get restroom assignments to limit the amount of urine collected aboard Endeavour once a new outdoor porch is attached to the Japanese lab for experiments. NASA wants to avoid dumping Endeavour’s waste water overboard, once the porch is installed right in the line of fire.


I hope they are able to keep the space station going. When our Space Shuttle terminates shortly, it will be five years or so before the United States is able to resume space launches with the new Aries family of rockets. Until then (assuming it is not delayed or cancelled), we will be dependent on Russian rockets to get our astronauts into space.

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