7 Year Anniversary of the end of Pope Benedict XVI's Pontificate

Today, the 28th of February, this Year of Our Lord 2020, is the 7th year anniversary of the end of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI’s pontificate on the 28th of February in the Year of Our Lord, 2013.

Let us take some time to remember Pope Benedict’s contribution to the Church and his scholarly approach to the Eternal and unchangeable Truth.

Pope Benedict XVI is, in his own words a “simple, humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord”.

Let us hope that His Holiness will live another 7 years.

God Bless the Pope Emeritus and his successor, our beloved Holy Father Pope Francis.


Pope Benedict was a genius who explained Catholic Doctrine extremely well so that there was no confusion. Very straightforward.


I love that man.


Absolutely adore him.


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