7-Year-Old Takes Joyride, Leads Police on Chase to Avoid Church


7-Year-Old Takes Joyride, Leads Police on Chase to Avoid Church

PLAIN CITY, Utah - A 7-year-old Plain City boy took unprecedented measures Sunday to avoid going to church. The boy was spotted Sunday morning behind the wheel of a white Dodge Intrepid. Authorities were called after the boy ran a stop sign and nearly hit another motorist. Weber County Sheriffs deputies caught up to the Intrepid on 4700 West and attempted to block it, but the 7-year-old driver turned down another street.

“Another deputy from the other direction pulled into the intersection and stopped to block the intersection, turned on his lights,” said Cpt. Clint Anderson of the Weber County Sheriff’s Office. “Instead of stopping the car, this white Intrepid turned down another street.”

Deputies say the boy pulled into Fremont High School, where he drove around the parking lot a bit before getting back onto 4700 West. The boy finally drove home, parked in the driveway and ran inside to hide. The boy’s father approached his son at home and asked him what happened. The boy admitted that he stole the car for a joy ride.

No more Grand Theft Auto for you, young man!!

He must have been expecting a REALLY boring sermon…wonder what kind of church he was avoiding?

Might be a Catholic one. Masses are usually very boring. Unless you attend a Catholic Charismatic Renewal church.

Utah Mormon. His first name is common among LDS. This morning he was on TV and his parents had convinced him that he did it to experience what it is to drive a car. :shrug:

speak for yourself, my friend. I find the Mass to be beautiful…it doesn’t have to be entertaining!

Not quite how I would put it - the presence of Christ in the Eucharist is more fulfilling (hence more truly ‘entertaining’) than all the great sermons on Earth put together.

:smiley: Fulfilling, definitely. Entertaining? Don’t believe I’d ever heard it described that way before!

Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled thread. :wink:

We need to give the kid a little credit; if he’d never actually driven a car before, he sure did a darn good job of eluding capture and getting back home! A seven year old! Imagine! How did he even see over the steering wheel and reach the pedals?

The Mass is beautiful, it doesn’t have to be entertaining, but the average 7 year old would probably not find it so. I think the cop told his Dad to hide the keys to the car next Sunday! :wink:

:amen: Amen to both of you! Great posts! I also find the Mass to be beautiful and the Eucharist to be very fulfilling! :thumbsup:

I remember the first time I attended a church service when I was around that it (Lutheran Church). I had begged my mom to take me to church instead of Sunday School to see what it was like. By the time the sermon came around, I was laying on my mom’s lap and said, “Why is that man talking so long?”. :smiley: :getholy:

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