70% Support Crackdown On Those Who Hire Illegal Immigrants

I support this. It is a sensible way to address one of the fronts of the illegal immigrants problem.

"70% Support Crackdown On Those Who Hire Illegal Immigrants

Seventy percent (70%) of U.S. voters favor strict government sanctions on employers who hire illegal immigrants, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Only 21% oppose such sanctions. "...

Entire article here: rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/current_events/immigration/70_support_crackdown_on_those_who_hire_illegal_immigrants

The immigration problem requires a multi-pronged approach and that's one of the reasons it never gets anywhere. Cracking down on employers only makes sense if there is a comprehensive guest worker program in place to fill the needs of the employers. A guest worker program only works if there is a bureaucracy in place to track the guest workers and deport them when necessary and identify and fine the employers who violate. There will have to be a secure national ID system to distinguish between citizens and guests, there will have to be a secure border to keep out those who don't have the right to work here, we have to determine what to do with those here illegally, etc. etc.

We cannot do this one state at a time or one program at a time. It has to be coordinated.
The hardest change of all will be to get our politicians to stop thinking about their war chests and careers long enough to craft a bipartisan plan. The quickest way to do accomplish that is to vote anti-incumbant, get the entenched crooks out of DC, and start fresh.

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