700,000 jubilant 12s pack Seattle for Super Bowl parade


I was one of the 700,000 people there. A friend and I went and braved the cold, stood in a line for hours to try to get on a commuter bus, after driving to a suburb outside of Seattle and staying in a motel the night before. We finally called a taxi with 2 other people who were waiting, boy did that guy get a huge tip!

The fans were awesome, we stood bunched together for hours waiting. I have never seen a more courteous, patient, happy group of people in my life. I’m so proud of our 12th Man fans, and of our state and region! And so proud of our team.

The climax was the last float which had the LOB, and our hero Richard Sherman. Hooray!



Pax Christi!

I’m happy for you! Twice I got to dance in the streets of Minneapolis because my Twins won it all. Enjoy it while it lasts; it could be your only time!

True fact: for the next year, you are entitled to answer your phone by saying, “My team’s better than yours. Hello?”

God bless.


It was an amazing parade! I was at 4th and Spring and Richard Sherman himself acknowledged us because one of our group wears his jersey. It definitely made her day! It brought the community together and there were no incidents at all. :thumbsup:




While I am personally not interested in the Superbowl in the least because I have a strong dislike for football I do want to congratulate you because I am happy when other people are happy for legitimate and good reasons. :slight_smile:


Thanks! :thumbsup: The Seahawks are a great group of guys, and a great organization overall. They represent what we can do if we work very hard and develop our
God-given talents. They have given everyone in Seattle a reason to be proud of the city and united a diverse group of people - if only for a short while. This city didn’t have a champion since the 1979 Sonics - it was sorely needed. Thank you Seahawks!!


Not just Seattle, but all of Washington State! And really the whole region. People came to the parade from all parts of the state and region!


People came from all over. The guy next to me told me he came from “the island” and I thought he meant Vashon Island but he was from Whidbey.


We came from the other side. We drove over the night before, an adventure of its own. It was quite daunting, but so much fun, getting into the city. The spirit of celebration and unity was incredible!:thumbsup:


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