700 Club Healing Prayers

What do you think about when the 700 Club gets together to pray for healing for their viewers? They pretty much call out on individual people like…“They’s someone with an ear problem…it’s been blocked for years but now the Lord has heard you and he is healing you RIGHT NOW! Your ear just popped”…or “Someone just found out they have breast cancer but Jesus is healing it right now. Your suppose to have surgury for it tomorrow but tell them you want to be scanned one more time before the surgery because you no longer need it!”

Do you think the Holy Spirit is really talking to him and that God is using the 700 Club TV show as an opportunity to heal someone?

My heart says (of course) that God can do anything…and I’m sure that some of the miraculous miracle heals they talk about do come true…but do you really think it’s the Holy Spirit who is telling them what to say or the faith of the person watching the show to prays for God’s healing powers when they think Pat is talking to them.

Better to watch EWTN and leave Pat to the Protestants.

I don’t believe in it at all. The power of prayer is very real and the more people who pray the more powerful the response, though as always God will answer each prayer in the best possible way which isn’t always the way we expect. That said, Pat Robertson or whatever his name is, is not God. He does not have the authority or the power to summon miracles and call upon the power of Christ. Christ does not serve Pat Robertson and having seen a few episodes of the 700 club I’d question at times if Pat Robertson truly follows Christ. You know you’re treading in evangelical darkness when man proposes to accomplish miracles in Christ’s name. Especially when to receive such a blessing you have to first call in and order a miracle towel with very specific instructions (lol) Best to keep the faith focused on God and not on the man. As the above poster suggested, stick to EWTN.

I am very near and dear to a man who through the Holy Spirit has healed dozens of people over the years, so yes , miracles do happen. But I would like to make a distinction between him and the 700 Club. The 700 Club takes in mega-millions of dollars, while the man I speak of has never taken a dime for his gift from God. He does not have a TV show, has written no books or even has a website. He has lived a full life on meager but sufficient means. I think you see what I’m getting at. Personally, I have seen more miracles happen through praying the Rosary than by any other means. But that’s just me. I hope that helps.

If they REALLY healed all the people they have claimed over the years, the media and desperate sick people would be beating the doors down all day, every day for interviews and their services. :cool:

Yeah…I could agree with this…but I am strong enough in my Catholic faith that I can watch the show and filter out the Protestant rhetoric and retain the things that are taught within the Catholic Church. I enjoy watching some of the conversion stories and seeing the news with a Christan perspective…many important stories are missed on ABC World News.

I also struggle with the role that some of these Protestant evangelists feel they are fulfilling. They may be good Christians (many better than myself) and doing good things in the world…but doing these things outside of the Catholic Church takes a little away from the good feeling I get when I see it. They are there when other need them…if you question that just look at some of the good they do with Operation Blessing. I also like when I see Catholic Priests on the show.

That being said I still can’t stand the bad advice that Pat provides to the people who write in to the show. Sometimes I just stand, shake my head, and wonder why people continually write to them :o)

I don’t watch The 700 Club.

It is has too much of the “prosperity gospel” and “prosperity gospel-lite” tied-up in its programming. Hokey is local word that comes to mind.

You taught me a new term. I never heard of “prosperity gospel” but I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve gotten to the point where I can tell a tithing story before it even starts and I just fast forward through it. I always wondered how they could justify “tithing” to a TV ministry…my historical understanding of tithing was money that was given to a church not to an organization.

And what good is tithing if you are only doing it in anticipation for a monetary return as they so often discuss it on there.

It has been my experience that Our Lord’s blessings are not always “fun” or “monetarily rewarding.”

Maybe Pat and Gordon know something I do not.


I’ve never placed much, if any stock in those healing prayers, though I can never say if they’ve ever helped someone or not because I honestly don’t know.

I will say this, though: years ago I was struggling with some anxiety issues among other things (which I still struggle with today off and on, but it was really bad then). I was watching the 700 Club and their Bible verse that night was something that spoke to me, and I don’t know if I would have found it that fast had I not been watching. The verses came from James chapter 1. I found that verses 2-15 of James 1 helped me greatly as I was dealing with my troubles, and they’ve helped me several times since. God works in mysterious ways.

With that said, there’s a lot there that should be taken with a grain of salt to say the least.

My opinion is that some people’s tv ministry viewing IS their church-going. So giving money to a church or to their TV ministry - it’s the same for them. shrugs

And that’s really sad.


My ex’s “fort God” church here in town is somehow affiliated with “The 700 Club.” I’m in agreement with most of you about the show. And many of the statements Mr. Robertson makes are very un-Christlike, in my opinion.

some may or may not be healed but if you do call their show they will want you to donate to them. I use to watch before becoming Catholic and was turned off when the devoted a week to one of the books Pat had just wrote and the show week of shows was a commercial to buy the books which had the latest revelations of Pat. He is not the Pope yet he acts like he is hearing directly from God. The one week of shows about Pat’s book was just one giant commercial for him. If you watch closely the healings and conversions they feature on the show always revolve around 700 club and those who were suppose to be healed by their “word of healings” as well as those who decided to financially support the 700 club. he has said enough off the wall things through the years that any free thinking person should not watch him. Pat Robertson is against abortion yet he supported the a very pro-abortion candidate for president. He is for capital punishment yet if the person converted Christ, well we should spare them. He is very inconsistent. He feels he can go around and condemn other ministers as false. Who gives him authority to do so. He claims that “God told him who would win the election” but he isn’t going to reveal that. the list goes on. The Haiti earthquake was due to Voodoo. Voodoo is bad enough but to blame a terrible earthquake on that is just cruel. He has been through a number of hosts and close examination of their lives reveal less than desirable behavior. He is arrogant and it is better to stay away. I use to watch closely but EWTN is a much better choice.

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