72 Day Conversion of America Rosary Novena


Please check out this website for information on a major new rosary campaign.

A 72 day “Conversion of America” rosary novena begins tomorrow, November 15th and ends January 25th, the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul.

Almost 25,000 rosaries have already been pledged.


I think we would do better to pray that our own selves be converted.


There are 5 intentions, for this Novena. Prayer for the American people (ourselves)… is the 3rd intention. We are also praying for ourselves, within the 5th intention.

I intend to start praying it tomorrow. I’m glad I saw this. Thanks for posting it. God bless.


When I am on here, as of late, I have been in the “politics 2008” forum…just happened to jump over here to take a look. I think my guardian angel gave me a nudge.:stuck_out_tongue: I have signed up. Thank you for posting this…wonder if this could also go in that forum or if the mods maybe think it doesn’t belong there? I just think it might get more exposure over there at the moment, but? It does tie in with the election and the events that have been surrounding it. (?)


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