74-year-old N.C. state senator shoots, wounds intruder at his home

*This guy is a gun control advocate. :D


74-year-old N.C. state senator shoots, wounds intruder at his home

Wonder if he’ll change his tune now? :hmmm:

I suppose he’s a hypocrite however what he did was in fact the right thing. It is our right (a God given and inalienable right) to bear arms and defend ourselves from those who intend fatal harm. Its stated in the 2nd Ammendment. Never ever forget and trample the Constitution. Thank God and the Blessed Mother everyday for the opportunity to worship whereas in other countries the situation has gone to cahoots. Anyway YES I am conservative in that I believe in small government, no abortion, strong families, strong militia, anti-fed, anti police state and pro Fox News.

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Wonder if he'll change his tune now? :hmmm:



I didn't see it in the article, so perhaps you could clarify his "gun control" stance. Are you saying he opposed the private ownership of fire arms altogether?? "Gun control" advocates range from those wanting BAN handguns and semi-automatic rifles to those who propose highly regulated waiting periods, registrations, pre-approvals and limits on the number of guns you can buy in a period of time. Which is he?

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