77 First Communicants - Whew - time for a beer!

My wife’s first CCD class and she got assigned second graders . . .

After: 8 hours at church today, a chandelier that started falling (lowering) from the ceiling in the middle of mass because someone left their unattended kids in the control room, 77 First Communicants, group pictures, individual pictures, certificates distributed, presents given, reception buffet, lots and lots and lots of little siblings up past their bed time. . . .

Finally home. 2 in bed, one to go. Wine chilling in the freezer and a beer already opened.

At least it was a vigil mass.

I think my wife gets breakfast in bed tomorrow!


She will deserve that breakfast.


That is AWSOME!

You guys have earned a brew.

You are on the way to sainthood! Seventy seven!

Bring it on!!! :thumbsup:

I hope the wine is for her.

Whew! Good work!!

Wow. God bless your pastor, your DRE, your wife, and all her fellow CCD teachers! We split our First Communion up into 3 or 4 Masses because it really would take all day otherwise.

I say breakfast in bed and a gift certificate to Bob Evan’s for Father and the DRE!!

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