7th Heaven.

Season 11 has just started showing in Ireland and the family sit down and watch it like we always used to!

Totally sad/pathetic to admit it but I actually like it. Not that I dont like shows with an edge or ones with the premarital sex or anything like that. Its just nice to see some wholesome family cheesy fun!

I love Catherine Hicks. I like to pretend they are a Catholic family and Eric is a deacon!:smiley:

and lucy is an extraordinary minister of the eucharist/ reader?

tis cool tho!

Yeah something like that:rolleyes: She just goes up to make announcements on special projects and stuff. They never show the altar, just the podium…:smiley:

I find the show to be wellcome relief from the Sex and violence filled regular programming. Yes, I have some reservations about their concept of faith and religion, but it is a good wholesome family oriented show. Something rare these days.

This is a show about a disfunctional family. No one seems to honest with the rest of the family. Even the parents get caught up in lying to the others. I can’t watch it.


Ill take it you dont watch dirty/sexy money then?

My wife used to love the show back when we were still dating, and therefore by default I was forced to watch it. I absolutely never liked it though. The acting was terrible and the story lines incredibly corny. Aside from that, the few times they had Catholic characters on the show, they were either portrayed as immature and unfaithful (the oldest daughter’s husband) or as superstitious slobs (the guy that the mother places a “curse” on and his priest).

I addition, I always felt that they should have done a storyline centering on how Ruthie was adopted, because there is absolutely no way that she could pass as their biological child no matter what the writers thought.

I guess I’ve never seen the episodes with Catholics on them. I just know that Catherine Hicks is a devout Catholic and devoted to the Rosary. Just visit her website. catherinehicks.com I think it is. I doubt she would tolerate any anti-Catholic stuff.

At least that’s why I trust watching the show - based on that assumption. I could be wrong though.

Again, I just pretend they are all Catholic.:smiley:

I know the story lines and the dialogue seem corny. Anytime they confront an issue, the person in the wrong almost immediately softens, sees the Camden’s point of view, and apologizes. very unrealistic.

However, I think it’s done on purpose.

I think when a problme is presented (say, teen pregnancy), the dialogue is very simple. I think it is just supposed to be an example of the attitudes the different parties should take, and what should be said, coming from a Christiam point of view.

Clear as mud?:shrug:

They did have 1 episode that was showing birth control in a positive light, also like it was no big deal.

Must admit I never watched it. Would like to get it on dvd. Didn’t know there were eleven seasons though. How long did the Waltons run?

I find that odd considering how many kids the Camdens had unless you were refering to their son Simon who had kind of fallen away from his parent’s teaching about sex. Almost al the kids had kids shortly after marrying and Simon…sad to say BEFORE marrying.

Why does lack of artificial birth control automatically mean lots of kids?

Nope…it was a discussion about it between mom and Lucy…and how mom was on the pill, and it was favorable.

11 seasons? My goodness, they all must be just about getting ready for the nursing home by now.

It doesn’t but that’s always the assumption people make about Catholic families. I mean it in jest not in seriousness. It’s just that ppl who are open to life are usually open to a whole lotta life.
My neighbors for example, have about…seven kids. they aren’t catholic (chistian tho). almost all their kids are about two years apart. I don’t know what method they used, and never asked. But it’s my understanding that up until the mother went into menopause, She just liked being pregnant. that was her “thing” apparently. I don’t know if it’s sad or not but she belived that her only real skill was having kids.

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