8,000 objects of precious religious artwork

Chalice at the museum

Breathtaking sacred vessels, inspiring statues, and liturgical vestments weaved with gold and silver are part of a new display of sacred objects that will be offered by the Visitation Sisters in Moulins, France.

The museum exhibit, which opens in May, features furniture, sacred objects and other miscellaneous items, which are the witnesses of everyday community life as well as great liturgical moments. Some objects have prestigious origins: relics of great saints, donations of famous people or royalty. Others are the result of the patient work of the Visitation Sisters.

After 20 years of work, the number of objects on display at the Musee de la Visitation now numbers nearly 8,500 pieces. Representing work from the fifteenth to the twenty-first century, these objects trace the history and heritage of a monastic order present in France (160 houses) and that now that radiates throughout the world.

Learn more and link to photos by going to Visitation Spirit.

It’s a very pretty chalice. :slight_smile:

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