8 killed by New York motorist in 'cowardly act of terror'


For the families of those affected I offer up prayer

Sheas an Mhathair bhrónach chráidhte
le hais Croise céastha a bláth-Mhic
Deora teo dá bhfearadh aici.
2. Claidheamh an chaointe, claidheamh na Tuirse,
Claidh an chathuigh 's an sgriosta
Sáidhte tríd a hanamain.

  1. Ó nach brónach cathach céasta,
    Is a croidhe le buaidhirt dá réabadh,
    Buime an éin-Mhic bheannuighthe.

  2. Mar ba dubh agus ba scíosmharr
    Caoi na Máthar mánla dílse,
    Pianta a Mic ag amharc di.

  3. An bhfuil aoinne beo nach gcaoinfeadh
    Máthair aoibhinn Chríost mar chífeadh
    I bpeannaroidh den tsamhail sin?

In English:-

1. At the cross her station keeping,  

Stood the mournful Mother weeping,
Close to Jesus to the last.
2. Through her heart, His sorrow sharing,
All His bitter anguish bearing,
Now at length the sword had passed.

  1. Oh, how sad and sore distressed
    Was that Mother highly blessed
    Of the sole-begotten One!

  2. Christ above in torment hangs;
    She beneath beholds the pangs
    Of her dying glorious Son.

  3. Is there one who would not weep,
    Whelmed in miseries so deep
    Christ’s dear Mother to behold


Perpetrator is one Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, origins in Uzbekistan. Don’t know yet if he was an immigrant or born here. Given the format of his middle name (Russian patronymic), I’m guessing born there, came here.

Edit for further update – perp was shot by police, taken into custody, in hospital.


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It sounds fairly possible as a guess. Uzbekistan is more associated with ‘brown envelope’ culture and organized crime than terrorism by Russians and Uzbeks themselves but terrorists are universal.

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His CDL photo shows him with a full but mustache-less beard.


They have my prayers.

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I heard on the radio earlier he arrived in 2010 as part of a diversity program. Not sure if this has been confirmed.

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Yes, Uzbekistan who arrived in 2010. Used to drive Uber’s

Prayers to all involved


He runs down and slaughters innocent people while shouting Allahu Akbar, or God is Great? I don’t understand this type of prayer. It sounds more like blasphemy to me.

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I think it takes a certain type of person to interpret a religious teaching to murder other people. Look at the terrorist types. Mostly men in their twenties that are hardly models of their religion (remember some of the 9/11 hijackers went to strip clubs the night before the attack).

I would suggest that religion has little to do with it. Religion is just the excuse some use to justify acting like a violent criminal which is their natural disposition and generally act like a faux tough guy to fight back against being slighted by society.

I think the difference is that, in many western cultures, we find way to harness and direct this frustration (say into the military where discipline overrides the criminal element and installs pride in the person). I need to think about why this fails in some other cultures…

Really man? We hide our violent sociopaths in the military?

Horrible as this was, it was small compared to the white native-born male who killed 59 people in Las Vegas. I have no doubt the administration will use this as political leverage to ostracize innocent people and make terrorism out to be enemy #1 when it clearly isn’t. When terrorism accounts for a fraction of 1% of homicides.

Prayers for the souls of the lost. Prayers for the families.

And we still don’t know what motivated Paddock in Las Vegas. His story is still a mystery.
The incident in New York is different. He has left a trail with a letter pertaining to ISIS, he rented a truck to be used in the attack (this is the 8th attack using a truck as a weapon).
There was a call for attacks to be carried out on Halloween. Fortunately, this appears to be the only one.
Any attack on innocent people is a tragedy, no matter if the death toll is 3 or 300 or 3000.

Supposedly 5 of the 8 killed were from Argentina.

A better translation is “Allah is greater”, meaning our God is greater than your God/government/culture. It’s meant to proclaim Islam’s dominance over everything else.

Sadly, individualism has replaced values that once focused on community, religion, family and a sense of social cohesion. This individual likely couldn’t adapt and in his frustration, looked for a purpose in his life to justify his evil actions.

Prayers and thoughts go out to the lives of the innocent victims and all those affected by this heinous crime.

No, religion has a lot to do with it. Islam is a religion which has always taught you should conquer unbelievers and if they don’t convert kill them. This is why these kinds of attacks are so often carried out by Muslims, especially immigrants, who are a very small percentage of the population.

Some sociopaths do hide in the military. Some men do enjoy killing and find a socially acceptable way to satisfy their desire.

Obviously not all, but I do think that for some people on the borderline, western cultures use the military to redirect them and give a sense of pride before they become violent criminals.

The Muslims I’ve talked to this about claim that the terrorists use a perversion of Islam to defend their criminal behavior using the text of the Koran that was appropriate for a particular time (Mohammed’s time) to defend the faith from extinction. They see jihad on an internal war between good and evil, not an outward war against nonbelievers.

Then you look at who the terrorists are: men in their late teens and twenties generally disaffected with society. Playing the religion card seems like a great way to make yourself feel important, when it really just is nationalism or racism. Not dissimilar to the Charleston Church shooter or Timothy McVeigh.

I really think religion plays a very small part of this and the religion isn’t a religion as we think of it but really a national identity. You rarely hear about how the shooters were these great Muslims beforehand (see 9/11 bombers hitting the strip clubs the night before).

Religion and politics are all blended together in Islam anyway, so it’s hard to separate one from the other. But I’ve noted that not every Isis-inspired terrorist is outwardly religious; in other words, it’s not a requirement to be pious to be a terrorist killer. Sometimes I think they are just doing it for ‘Team Islam’ against the West. It should also be noted that they not only regard our lives as expendable but also those of the bulk of Muslims who don’t share their particular ideology - they regard them as apostate Muslims and therefore also expendable. It’s a sick world view.

Yesterday out of morbid curiosity and boredom I checked out 4chan (the “politically incorrect” board). After spending 5 minutes there I realized that many of the people that go there aren’t that far removed from terrorists like the guy that did this. I get the feeling many are younger and disaffected with society. They also blend religion into their ideology (Catholicism has a very ugly “blood and soil” side). It is a very ugly side of the internet so I really don’t recommend it.

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