8 killed in Guinea town over Ebola fears


They were traveling to raise awareness about the spread of the deadly Ebola virus. Instead, it seems, they encountered violence.

Eight people on an Ebola team were killed in southeastern Guinea, near the country’s border with Liberia, a government spokesman said in a statement Thursday. Among them were health care workers and local journalists.

Residents in the small town of Womey threw stones at the Guinea Ebola team when they arrived earlier this week, forcing them to flee, spokesman Albert Damantang Camara said. Some members of the group were able to safely reach the nearby town of Nzerekore, he said, while nine others went to find refuge around Womey.

Only one of the nine was found alive, hiding near the town.

And this is why it will be impossible to contain this outbreak without a military solution.


Whose military? That is the big question.


We need American leadership in this regard. This Ebola problem certainly fits the American interests criteria. A US military presence would be a good idea IMO.


If these infected African countries have militaries to match the hospitals I see in the news photos, they need…they need now.

Illness has a way of leveling the field from all angles.


Something needs to be done to overcome the fear of Ebola like the lady in the video at CNN said. If the fear isn’t overcome then it is going to be extremely difficult to contain this outbreak and it could spread even more and cause even more deaths.

We should all pray for a solution to this outbreak. I am going to make it my Rosary intention tonight and I would encourage everyone to do the same.


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