8 sainthood causes advance [CWN]

In a June 12 audience with the prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Pope Francis cleared the way for the beatification of a priest and a religious sister by approving the …


The two are Venerable Louis-Édouard Cestac (1801-68), a French diocesan priest who founded the Daughters of Mary, and Venerable Irene Stefani (1891-1930), an Italian missionary who served in Kenya.

The Pope approved decrees on the heroic virtues of six other servants of God, who may now be honored with the title “venerable”:

Father Luigi Savaré (1878-1949), an Italian diocesan priest;
Father Eugenio Reffo (1843-1925), an Italian priest who co-founded the Congregation of St. Joseph;
Mother Magdalen of the Sacred Heart (1832-1900), an English nun who founded the Poor Servants of the Mother of God;
Sister Giuseppa Scandola (1849-1903), an Italian missionary who served in what is now South Sudan;
Itala Mela (1904-57), an Italian Benedictine oblate; and
Uberto Mori (1926-89), an Italian layman, husband, and father of a family

I wonder if the rate of declared saints by profession matches that of who is actually in Heaven. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bishop Sheen no doubt learned patience inhis life…

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